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The way to nowhere: Men who get busted carrying immigrant smugglers are seldom paid the prices.

Recently Nall had completed a four-hour course on the detection of possible illegal immigrant traffic, and it seemed that way. It asked for assistance - specifically a soldier from the State Patrol's New Migration Enforcement Unit, a squad of 23 officers authorised to force certain portions of the Federal Immigration Act to restrict illegal traffic and trade in humans on Colorados freeways.

At the Limon State Police Bureau, Trooper Brian Abbrecht ran into Nall where she had pursued Chacón-Posada in Caribbean fashion because several travellers said they had to use the toilet. All seventeen of the guests were pressed into the vans in the car park. Thus Abbrecht took her in a state ambulance to a German government immunization centre in Denver to begin the expulsions.

Meanwhile, Chacón-Posada has been indicted for sixteen felonies of trafficking in humans, a crime that involves considerable imprisonment, as well as negligence. This was the beginning of a case that would puzzle lawyers, create frustration and call into question an antihuman trafficking bill adopted in 2006 at the peak of the scare about IRA.

It is aimed at protecting migrants and making motorways more secure by penalising the coyote. Cases are almost untraceable because of the absence of any witness. The state police can detain the driver, but they have to hand over the passenger to the immigration and customs authorities. Most of the times, however, they deport those people before they do.

"As soon as they are taken into ICE detention, it is difficult for us to influence the process," says Trish Mahre, an assistant DA in Mesa County who recently followed a case of trafficking - without success. Usually the baggage cars were loaded with up to twenty illegals who had been paying to be taken from a frontier state like Arizona to a place in the Midwest or on the East Coast where they were told to work by crossing Colorado to get there.

In the following year, a delivery truck with nineteen migrants crashed into a semitrailer. Six immigrant workers, one of them a with child, were killed in a shipwreck on I-76 in 2004. Four other clandestine aliens were killed in three different deaths in 2005. They had to lay on the ground or pile up in the hold.

Migration legislation is state law, and state police who patrolled the freeways had no power to interrogate driver or passenger about their immigrant state. When they ran over a supposed contraband cargo, they were ordered to call ICE officials, who did not always show up. Trafficking in humans was just a Federal offence.

Meanwhile, state spokeswoman Alice Borodkin reached a compromise on a bill to do the same for the traffic in humans - a more serious offence that includes the sale of humans for cash, keeping them for ransoms or coercing them to work against their will, sometimes as mobsters. Mr Borodkin headed an all-encompassing taskforce to assess the state's existing legislation on traffic in persons and suggest new ones by January 2007.

However, by 2006 a new peak had been reached in Brazil's paradox of legal migration. Some of the Republicans were also trying to stop illegitimate migrants from getting general benefit and limit them from electing, and demonstrating that democracy is exercising more lenient masses, such as punitive deals that deliberately employed undocumented labor.

Corresponding to Borodkin, Bill Owens, Government of the Republic also issued a call to legislators for legislators regarding white slave trade and trade. He and the soldiers had stumbled upon a destroyed delivery truck transporting seventeen suspect migrants.

Its bill was seeking to make it a felony to carry an" invalid migrant through Colorado against cash or any other thing of value," while its trading bill made it invalid to trade or sale an adult. a... It has also endorsed a third bill to establish a new 24-man unit within the state patrolling force to combat the traffic in people.

However, it was not enough for Owens, who convened a specific summers meeting to focus exclusively on IRA. By the time it was over, Owens explained that in 2006, Colorado legislators had the "toughest migration legislation in the country. Since his first meeting in 1998, Claude d'Estree, a Denver University lecturer who had worked in the US Attorney General's Office in Washington, D.C., on combating traffic in humans, was an adviser to the Borodkin Taskforce in 2006.

It thought that the legislative had been hasty in the introduction of draft laws to fight contraband and human traffic before the Human Traffic task forces had completed their work. "says d'Estree, now director of the Human Rights Clinic. Some of the three called him several days a weeks to see if he wanted to make a journey to take travellers to points all over the world.

It was possible for travellers to pay paid for pisanos before departure or to pay for chacón-posada as soon as they were there. He was given a travel log with the name of the passenger, their travel goals, a telephone number and the amount due. Said he had never kept the passengers' own cash; his instruction was to give it to Paisano.

It described a room with a desktop and a computer inside and another room where the passenger was waiting for the vans to collect them. He said that the journey had departed Houston the previous morning at 10 p.m. Ppassengers came from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Peru.

WIILLIAMS asked him if he knew if the airline was in the United States illegal. Bild-Ritter, a Democrat, substituted Owens in 2007, but interests about migration did not go away. This March, Ritter concluded an agreement with ICE, which the legislators were hoping would make it much simpler for the new state patrolling force to capture criminals and people traders.

Known as a 287 (g) accord under the pertinent section of Swiss federal legislation, the treaty permitted immigrant enforcement unit officials to question individuals who had drawn them over their immigrant status in exchange for road safety injuries, arresting anyone they felt to be illegal in the state, and transporting those individuals to the detention centers. "Confronted with a lack of ICE operatives, Congress changed the migration bill to allow those responsible for prosecuting immigrants to monitor their towns' ICEs.

It was a sluggish idea, but as the country's anxiety and possession of immigrant smugglers increased, so did 287(g). One is with the El Paso District Sheriff's Office and is smaller than the state patrols, as it only allows officer to verify the immigrant entry of detainees who have been detained in the area.

However Hickenlooper has said he will support secure communities, a federal programme that examines the prints of persons entered into on-site prisons against a signature data base retained by ICE to identify illegal migrants. Mr Ritter has hesitated to endorse the programme which, according to the German authorities, is to be rolled out in all German Länder by 2013, regardless of whether or not there are a number of locally recruited civil servants on the ship.

The 287 (g) programme has drafted critique from migrant supporters who see it as a way to let the ICE' filthy work they say promotes mistrust between undocumented migrants and the police do. They are less likely to declare a crime or ask a question if they believe that ICE and the municipal cop are the same.

In the past year, the German government's accountability office published a document demanding better monitoring of the programme. GAO found that the ICE did not clearly pass on the 287(g) target to the participant agents, ensured bad surveillance and failed to monitor effective information related to seizures and arrest.

Maricopa County assisted in deporting more than 26,000 migrants in two years - about a fourth of the 287 (g) program's all-drops. The German state is now investigating Arpaio for possible violations of citizens hip hop legislation. At the beginning of the year, Governor Jan Brewer passed the famous antiimmigration bill, SB 1070, which obliges policemen to ask persons they know about their immigrant state.

Now the German state is questioning the SB 1070 on the grounds that it is interfering with its powers to implement migration policies and would put a strain on the ICE. The spokesperson for the ICE-Zentralregion, Carl Rusnok, says that the primary concern of 287(g) is the arrests of foreign criminals, "We also do not put foreign criminals in expulsions.

" However, state police spokesperson Sergeant John Hahn disputes that many undocumented riders are being arrested, citing the proposal that the Immigration Enforcement Unit is basically "Colorado's ICE". "Instead, he says, the programme is only used to supplement state legislation on human beings being smuggled and trafficked, and that soldiers are educated to alleviate racist profiling. What's more, the programme is only used to help combat it.

"Almost all" of the foreigners who the soldiers are processing and handing over to the ICE are smugglers, says Hahn, although he has no precise figures. In terms of the number of smuggled goods, it appears from the figures that they have examined 28 possible shipments and made thirty arrest or detention operations in the first six-month period.

Sometimes soldiers make more than one bust for the same contraband charge. In the following year, in 2008, the soldiers examined another thirty smuggler's shipments and arrested 23 people. In 2009, the soldiers examined 44 charges and arrested 16 people. Although the soldiers seem to be examining more possible contraband shipments, they make fewer bungs.

Statistical data also show that the number of cases of contraband submitted to the courts is declining. The Immigration Enforcement Unit, for example, could see a peak in prospective cases of trafficking by non-287 (g) troops who, once examined, turn out to be unexploded ordnance. or he says it could be that many of the possible cases of contraband they see are less clear.

It is more a case of, are pax and driver safe on theways? "And in fact, a quest for intelligence files has only appeared in a deadly truck wrecker accident featuring illicit foreigners since the 287(g) squad began patrolling: a wreckage that murdered four people in Eagle County in July 2007. It is more difficult to assess whether the unity discourages the traffic in people, not least because the figures are so small.

State patrols in 2008 examined only two cases of human traffic. Rooster says it's because human traffic is a so-called target offense. Only when the migrants have reached their goal are they detained as ransoms, coerced into working as prostitutes or compelled to work without payment. However, by halting contraband, they also prevent human traffic, says Hahn.

"Every single times we intercepted a felony of illegal immigration while it was travelling through this state, we rescued someone who would have found himself in this (trade) position if he had reached his goal. These sixteen immigrants were taken almost 200 leagues to the Park County Prison, which also serves as an ICE-prison.

However, the prosecution was there and she said to the court that she wanted to deport the airline passenger immediately because she feared they would be expelled before a lawsuit could take place - which would lead to her leaving the state with little proof against Chacón-Posada. Statements in which attorneys on both sides interview testimonies as in court may be used instead of a testimony before a panel of judges in cases where a testimony is anticipated to be lost in court or has a mandatory apology.

Later on December 3, Ward received a facsimile in his offices listing the sixteen people and saying they should be dropped off the next morning at 8am. Thirty-eight pages of policing material and a Spanish video with witnesses' testimonies were sent by the public attorney half an hours later.

"I think this person is charged with sixteen class 3 felonies and faces 64 years in jail, and they want me to take discriminating deposits in this case, and I don't even have anything to go on," says Ward. Mr Ward claimed that in a case of which he knew nothing, interviewing a witness infringed his moral responsibilities towards his clients.

"The ICE wanted to take the witnesses," says Wilson, who supported Ward's request not to appear. You referred to an oath from Trooper Williams stating that five of the airline's travelers have already been expelled and the remainder are likely to be gone soon.

"The prosecution did not file a complaint against the testimonies that would stop them from being expelled from the ICE," the public prosecutor said. "On the basis of normal practice and trial... the surviving vouchers will be expelled in the nearuture. "and on December 4, ten prosecuting attorneys were interviewed.

The greatest difficulty, both sides say, is the fact that the testimonies are being expelled. The Eagle County District Attorney Mark Hurlbert says a court rejected a case of trafficking because the prosecution expelled the witnesses: I' ll suppress the witness es' proof and dismiss the case.

Subpoenas from ICE testimonies did not work either, says Jennifer Swanson, the prosecutor in the fifteenth court circuit based in Lamar. "By the time we turn over the summons to a body, they've already been either transferred or exported. "However, pursuers say it is almost impossible to get a direct response from ICE officers about where vouchers are stopped or if they are expelled.

But the only other way - to bring testimonies from their home country back to court - is unlikely, costly and incriminating. "Only state attorneys have the capacity to testify. However, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Colorado does not pursue many cases of contraband because of finite natural resource constraints, says U.S. Assistant Attorney Jim Hearty.

When complicating conditions exist, such as fatalities due to a vans accident, the USFs can take the case over, as they can also prosecute accused of immigrant offences, such as fraudulent visas or illegal re-entry after the first deportation. However, when it comes to the real case of contraband, public sector lawyers now face the same issues as public sector solicitors.

Up until recently, the USFs were able to arrest some of the airline's travelers in an ostensible contraband shipment so they could put them on film. However, a decision by the German government has thwarted the plans. In this case, the court, Hearty says, ruled that since a Federal Bureau, ICE, which in the first place deported vouchers, it was not reasonable to allow fed followers to use videootaped deposits at attempt - what defenders say would violate a defendant's right to personally face his plaintiffs.

Without people testifying that they pay the drivers to sneak them through the land - the key principle of the felony - there is only clues proving the trafficking. And even if the passenger has allowed so much to go to the cops, it's still regarded as hearing in court and is illegal.

Not having any eyewitnesses also disputes the accused's possible proof of his iniquity. "Most of the eyewitnesses will say, "I spoke to someone else in another state, and this unfortunate fellow just took us away," says court-appointed lawyer Wilson. The majority of cases of contraband end in pleas.

So far, eighteen accused have been found culpable of trafficking in people. That same number has confessed to guilt for trying to smuggle a minor crime. However, in more than half of the cases the punishment is waived on conditions that the trafficker, often an illegally staying migrant himself, declares his willingness to be expelled and never to comeback. "everyone knows we're gonna win because our eyewitnesses are gone.

" Humberto Martinez-Vieyra loaded with eight counts after a soldier drew him over for dodging to I-70 on August 23, 2007. Arrests were made and the detainees were taken into ICE-care. Judicial files show that five were expelled within five working day. The state attorneys tried to dismiss the surviving vouchers, but it is not clear if this has occurred.

Martinez-Vieyra, himself an illegitimate migrant, argued guiltily for an attempt at trafficking and counterfeiting. Three of the eleven people Martinez-Pena had taken to Indiana and Missouri were wounded and taken to the hospital; the remainder were collected by the ICE. Martinez-Pena, a 28-year-old resident of Phoenix, Mexico, has been detained and indicted for trafficking and triple negligence.

On a third case, Gopsalo Jose-Reyes was detained by Wheat Ridge PD in April 2007 after the vehicle he was carrying halted at a King Soopers so that his ten passenger could use the toilets to clean themselves. Although Jose-Reyes was indicted for trafficking in people, he finally argued that he was culpable and imprisoned for eighteen month; six month imprisonment was stayed until he returned to the U.S. Although there are specific U.S. government permits that public prosecutors can request - with the help of prosecution authorities - to keep indoctrinated people in the state as a witness, many say it is not clear whether the so-called U-visas are valid for trafficking in people.

Several other offences such as misappropriation, abduction and traffic in persons are listed in the Act, but there is no reference to contraband by name. "Pueblo County district attorney and former state minister Bill Thiebaut says it bluntly: "On the same date as Jose Chacón-Posada's planned court case, his lawyer tried to persuade a court justice that the testimony of the ten people should be expelled.

"Tallman said, "It seems to me that there must be a system that allows the state to have these testimonies at least for some period of the present situation if they are to pursue these kinds of cases. "He added: "I think the legislator should take a closer look and find another solution to these kinds of issues, given the urgent need..... the way things are going in the immigrant population.

"Mr. Chacón-Posada is not legally obliged to check the immigrant state of everyone in his van," Ward went on. Ward, meanwhile, tried to distinguish between the stereotypes of trafficking and the detail of Chacón-Posada's case. On November 26, 2008, exactly one year after the arrest of Chacón-Posada, at 5:30 pm, the judges found him innocent.

" José Chacón-Posada was accused of trafficking in people.

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