Presbyterian Hospital

The Presbyterian Hospital

The Presbyterian Hospital provides comprehensive medical care for the inhabitants of New Mexico. U.S. News & World Report ranks it among the best hospitals.

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The Presbyterian Hospital is a non-profit organization devoted to caring for its own people and the world. Presbyterian Hospital has comfortable and comfortable treatment options, which include specialised centres for cardiac, women's and children's issues, and is the most important treatment centre in New Mexico - with the convenience and nursing you' would want from a nearby hospital.

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Presbyterian's safe on-line patients and members portals make it easier for you to administer your and your family's wellbeing. For assistance with registering for isPRES, please call the Presbyterian Customer Assistance Center at 505-923-5200 or toll-free at 1-888-977-2333.

Please insert your username and password. Incorrect username specified. Please insert your password. Illegal password specified. We are working to increase accessibility to healthcare, results and experience for kids and their family throughout New Mexico. The PresbyterianHealthPlan provides your staff with a solid performance plan with reasonable rewards.

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Location and Approach | Presbyterian Medical Center

Hawthorne Lane, between E. Fourth and E. Fifth Streets, is the hospital's citycenter. Patient and visiting car parks are on the corners of Hawthorne Lane and E. 5000 Street. From Hawthorne Lane you can reach the car park. There is a $3 per person per day charge for patient and their guests, with unrestricted re-entry during the entire daily period (with a pay slip until midnight); the first 30 min. are free.

There' a $5 fee for a missing car park voucher. They can buy a five-day car park passport for $10. There is no need to use the five-day card on successive dates and it does not forfeit. Contact the Presbyterian Medical Center Visitor Service Center at 704-384-5382.

Presbyterian Penn Medical Center

On Saturday 8.4. - Sunday 8.19. there will be disturbances on the routes Airport, Media/Elwyn and Wilmington/Newark due to the building of the SEPTA Regionalbahn. In the U.S. News & World Report among the top clinics. Over the past few years, Penn Presbyterian has developed into a local market leadership in minimal-invasive robot surgery. PRAMUC offers the patient a smooth, holistic approach by providing progressive treatments and combining a variety of specialty areas under one umbrella for ambulatory outcomes.

The PMUC is also home to the Penn Musculoskeletal Center - the first of its kind in Philadelphia. Locate useful information for your visitors and visitors to help plan your trip to Penn Presbyterian Health Center. Volunteering at Penn Presbyterian Med Center, you will join one of the nation's premier academia based health centres to serve and care for people from around the state.

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