Poughkeepsie County Clerk

County Poughkeepsie Secretary

The NYS Association of County Clerks. The first employee of Dutchess County was named in 1715. The Dutchess County was one of 12 provinces founded by New York Province in November 1683. Dutchess at that period encompassed all of today's Putnam County and a part to the North which eventually moved to Columbia County. Richard Sackett, a former New York City ship commander who moved with his wife and daughter to Wassaic in 1711, was named the first Dutchess County office employee in 1715.

Recomended for the appointment of Justice Leonard Lewis, the first magistrate of the earldom, Sackett was in charge of the court of the Common Pleas, Clare of the Peacemakers and Clare of the Sessions of the Pea. Later, the district employee used several different edifices along Market Street and eventually worked from today's court building, which took until the Dutchess Country Building was built in 1965.

Documents for real estate in Netherlandish County were registered in Ulster County until 1718. "That is why Ulster managed the city' s administration was because the local inhabitants were so small," Tatum said. "The area of the city was 1,000 sq. m. and when they conducted the first ever public survey here in 1714, they reached just over 450 of them.

Over the years, further duties were added, such as the administration of the registration deed for new US nationals. By 1821, the District Secretary's Bureau was chosen and its duties comprised the registers of farriers, doctors, dental practitioners, nursing staff and partners, companies and bodies.

This year, the district employees were also empowered to open locally based car agencies throughout the entire province, and during the next ten years they began to issue an annuity regarding hunt licence records, deicence, naturalisation and passport. The administrator's bureau still contains 18 th cent. Supervisory Council documentation and nineteenth cent. electoral and investigative reports.

Frederic Smith, who served in the post from 1934 to 1965, was the most difficult period to overcome for a district employee. "Kendall said, "Fred has done a huge amount of work using EPA resources to maintain historic notes and also to typewrite originals. Currently, the firm processes around 105,000 district employees and 300,000 car deals a year.

There are a number of mounted artefacts and documentation on the second level of the district hall. Kendall will hold a cut tape cut celebration outside the Dutchess Country House, located at Market St. 22 in Poughkeepsie, on September 15 to mark the county's 300th anniversary.

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