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Poughkeepsie's inventors, industrialists and mayors are reflected in Southside. The Bounce Trampolinsport offers activities for toddlers and birthday parties for toddlers, Poughkeepsie and Hudson Valley. Poughkeepsie Hudson Valley Brunch Cruise and Activities. Find out why beautiful scenery in the heart of Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park and surrounding Dutchess County are at the centre of many outdoor activities. Things to do at St.

Joseph's Church.

Poughkeepsie Recreation City: Details of the activity

Our skilled and skilled personnel look after your baby in a multitude of day-to-day camping activities. Day-to-day activities are handicrafts, gaming, sports, puzzles, outdoor activities, visual art, our week-long special interest area, camp-wide activities and just having time. It is for kids from 5 to 14 years. This six-week campsite opens on July 2.

Weeks 1 will be reduced to four because of the holidays on 4 July. Every weeks has another topic, which makes every weeks a little different. This is an example of a common night at our campsite. Accommodation costs $120 per person per city.

For the first weeks the charge is $96 because it is less. Extended Hours costs an extra $30 per weeks. Non-City Poughkeepsie residents are welcome to join. Non-residents are charged $150 per city per city per day ($126 for the first week). The enrolment starts on March 1st and ends when the warehouse is full.

We will allow you to register this year with a $25 per month payment for every weekly you register. Full payment must be made two full days before the beginning of the course. As soon as the warehouse reaches its full storage capacities, a waitlist is created.

Poughkeepsie for a full day: There are three activities for a successful stay

A Riverdale inhabitant in the Bronx, Annie Hoffnung spends this time between the end of the camps and the start of primary schooling with her man and three kids, "using everything that New York and the neighborhood have to offer". First of her reports is from the Poughkeepsie voyage last Sunday.

Trying to do something else, we agreed to go to Poughkeepsie to the south. Living in the Hudson Valley, my children are very keen that we are near the Hudson so they have the chance to see this stream for more than an hours from home - not to speak of running right over it.

Walkway Over the Hudson is a great footbridge, although you have to pay attention to the walker and cycling. Not all of us went across the gangway, because my kids like to whine after seven minute (I'm sure you don't understand!), but we went far enough for them to have the full itch.

You can also park in the car park next to the Mid-Hudson Children's Museums ($5 for free to park, but free if you go to the museum) and take a quick stroll to the huge lift that will take you to the centre of the lift.

In this way you will also prevent the light and colourful icecar you will be passing on your way from the general car park, which has magic power to draw in children before they even set foot on the deck. In case you want to take your children for dinner and then (!) take care of them, there are some picknickertables before reaching the viaduct.

Yes, I have three children under six and went to a pub for dinner - and it was fantastic! The Mill House Brewing Company, a four-minute car ride from the Walkway's general car park, has a well-balanced offer for both children and adults. There are also many possibilities for vegetarians in the eatery, which was an additional plus for us.

It is a small but powerful little fossil which is great for the six-and-coasters. There is a $5 charge for the car park as noted above, but if you go to the site, it will be validation (and they will remember you what I appreciated). Right on the Hudson River, Mid-Hudson Children's Museums is the ideal place to chill out for a few long hrs (or just get warmed up in the cooler months) as your children wander freely through the exhibitions.

Picture above on the Walkway Over the Hudson Credit: Fred Schaeffer.

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