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Federal Postal Credit Cooperative

Fed & RI State Government Employees Union offers banks, low interest loans, New Used Auto Loans, personal loans. Swiss Postal Credit Cooperative chooses new name For more than 80 years, the Postal Federal Community Credit Association has had the same name. It became BluCurrent Credit Union last night. Crédit Union official denounced the upcoming name shift early this year, referring to client muddle.

"We are pleased to announce the new name to our members and our community," said Steve Pierson, CEO of BluCurrent Credit Union, in a press announcement.

"We have always fought with the misunderstanding that you had to be a postal or federal clerk to use our credit union. The BluCurrent company commissioned the Seattle-based Weber Marketing Group to produce the name. Although the cooperative began to research the name shift in September 2010, the program did not begin until January.

The Postal Service staff in Springfield founded the Postal Federal Credit Cooperative in 1929. Later, it was extended to federal staff, and in 1994 it permitted anyone within a district of 10 districts, among them Greene, Jasper and Newton. "In deciding to rename ourselves, we are not in any way altering our philosophies or turning away from our postal and federal heritage," said David Phelps, CEO of BluCurrent, in the press announcement.

Becoming a Member - USPS Federal Credit Union

U. Postal Service Federal Credit Union Field of Memberhip umfasst die United States Postal Service und die von Select Groups (SGs). To apply for a member, please send your request by post or to a member office of your choice. If you are an employed or retired person, you can become a member:

Staff of a selected group. Check our latest lists of selected groups. Are you considering giving your staff the opportunity to become members of Credit Union? Polls have shown that staff see the accessibility of Credit Union memberships (which extend to their families) as a precious advantage for their staff. Credit Union provides a broad range of useful, advanced and cost-effective finance solutions and solutions.

Our better alternatives to the high-priced banking and less than large individual support service will help your people. And we know that your staff will appreciate the opportunities to become a member of the U.S. Postal Service Federal Credit Union. This is a great advantage for your staff at no expense to your company in order to become a "sponsor" of Credit Union.

Credit Union provides these advantages for your company: Delivers excellent free value to people. Provides a wage deductions programme that you make available. Assists in recruiting and retaining top people. Provides the possibility for members of the credit union to join the group. This is a valuable advantage for the staff. After Casual Days and 401(k)s, this is the third most beloved social security allowance.

To become a sponsorship you must have at least 25 people. Present list US Postal Services Federal Credit Union memberships include salaried staff and members of organisations named Select Groups (SGs). If, as an officer or member of the immediate families of an individual who has an affiliation bankroll, you are a member of one of these organisations, you are entitled to join.

Register today to get more for your cash by becoming a member of the credit union move. To print and finalize our group application, click here to print and finalize the application letter.

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