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Sights in Hudson Valley

Cold-jump is by far my favorite city in the Hudson Valley. View photos of Hudson River Valley, N.Y. Attractions and get tips from other families to plan your trip. Discover the best places to relax and enjoy life in the valley.

YOU ARE WELCOME TO ORANGE COUNTY NEW YORK, IN THE BEAUTIFUL HUDSON VALLEY! Commence your Hudson River Valley escape here, in Dutchess County!

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Lower Hudson Valley is by far the best area in New York. My schooling in Long Island showed me how kind and kind the Hudson Valley is. Now, I want to distribute the riches and divide some of my favourite places in the Hudson Valley! Our brief walk takes us to a large fire house with an unbelievable panoramic sight over Putnam County.

Cold-jump is by far my favourite Hudson Valley city. There are several cafés, the best sundae shop, free Sunday shopping and a stunning Hudson panorama. A further Cold Spring feature is the Breakneck Ridge. It is not nearly as difficult as the name suggests, this walk also includes mountaineering, but the views of the valley are definitely rewarding.

The path has been rebuilt from old railway rails and offers travellers the best views of the canal. The historical villa has a beautiful views of the stream, an astonishing cascade and great walks in the wood. While you can see the embankment from a bird's perspective by crossing the viaduct shown in this photo, you can also have a good lunch on the grassy area around the bottom of the embankment.

There is a beautiful garden and an old light house that you can circle. A stroll through the various dock is a great adventure. I also have touring vessels that dock in Newburgh, my favourite is the River Rose (shameless connector for a member of the local family).

A walk through the convent is always calm and peace. Any time I need to clear my head, I like to take this path, which begins in my home town of Carmel and ends in Cold Spring. Home to some of the best cafés. This part of the Hudson is very aesthetic due to its rocks.

Hopefully you liked this listing and it inspires you to visit Hudson Valley!

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