Places to see in Hudson Valley

Attractions in the Hudson Valley

Stuff you can do and see in the Hudson Valley. The State Park Preserve in Kerhonkson is an absolute must. Surrounding sights Irrespective of the time of year, there is always something to discover in the Hudson River Valley. If you are a lover of historical sites, you will find a number of farmhouses in the colonies during the golden age of the Vanderbilt. Dia:Beacon, Frances Lehman Loeb and many other fine arts centers, cinemas, museums as well as gallery are waiting for you.

Kayaking on the Hudson River, or enjoy the marvels of a solar rise thermal flight. Hudson River Valley is mirrored in the works of artists, authors and landscapers. Join us and begin the voyage of a lifetime in the Hudson Valley!

The best places to have a picnic in the Hudson Valley. Outdoor. Hudson Valley.

There'?s something satisfactory and enchanting about a summer pick nick, like a Manet championship posing." Fortunately for us inhabitants of Hudson Valley there are a lot of extraordinary places for picnics directly in our garden! These are our best places for a pick nick in the Hudson Valley. Is there a better way to experience a Picknick than to be immersed in beautiful works of art, both man-made and nature?

It is also possible to cycle on the kilometre-long paths. and make it a whole days. The legendary Bannerman Islands Palace was constructed in 1901 thanks to David Bannerman, son of the famous business man and Scotsman Frank Bannerman. Today, with the long deserted fortress, this isle is a fascinating place.

In order to get to the islands, take a trip on a boat from near Beacon and sit on this one-of-a-kind symbol for a pick nick in the middle of the beautiful landscaped palace garden (thanks to the volunteers) before returning on the Hudson to the Canoeshed. When you are not ready for canoeing, plan a led trip around the islands and take the boat from Beacon.

This 120-acre parkland outside Red Hook in Dutchess County is an inspirational place for a lunch in the Hudson Valley, with almost 2 mile of hiking paths winding through forests and grasslands. Arrive groomed with a full lunch and perhaps you too will be touched by the nature!

Boscobel is in Garrison, NY, and is a historical homeowner' s paradise overlooking the Hudson River. Once you have purchased a pass, you can enjoy exploring the area to your heart's desire and have your meal at one of the outdoor picket desks by the lake next to the Torhaus or at the visitor centre desks.

Kerhonkson's Minnewaska State Preserve is an essential place for those who want to combine their pick nick with a hint of excitement. Located on the scenic Shawangunk Mountain Range, this beautiful waterfall and cliff landscape offers kilometers of horse-drawn sleigh rides and hiking trails to "cycle, trek, wander and just enjoy".

The two heavenly seas of the parks make this place one of the most fantastic places for a hot and sunny holiday. Lake Minnewaska and Lake Awosting both provide a unique bathing adventure, framed by conglomerated cliffs of whiteness and simply cleanliness.

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