Places to go Hiking in Nyc

Hiking in Nyc

New York City: 5 Autumn Walking Trails: NYC Parks Featuring nearly 30,000 acre of parklands, over 10,000 acre of New York City consists of unspoilt forests, forests, fresh water wetlands and saline meadow eco-systems - ideal for an autum walk and reviewing the stunning colours of NYC's autumna leaves. In order to find NYC Parks Marine Parks Walking, please see our Urban Parks page. For Manhattan, take a look back in history and think of it as a woodland of tulips, oak and maple-tree. Sign-posted lookout points or historical landmarks take you to the top of the mound, where the park's oldest poplar tree, two of which were plant ing before the creation of the grounds, stillvive.

The footpaths start in the northwestern part of the area. Drive through three separate ecological Bronx woods on the only path in Van Cortlandt which crosses the grounds from the East to the West. You will pass through the park's northeast forest, where you will find reed oaks, candy and tulips as well as a swamp full of frogs, the Croton forest with its sweet maples and hickories as well as the Old Croton aqueduct and the undulating northwest forest with its impressive tulips, oaks and hickories are at home.

You can reach the trailer via Broadway & Mosholu Avenue or Van Cortlandt East Industrial Estate & Oneida Avenue. The promenade and observation decks allow you to see the bird life for which the reserve is renowned, among them the heron, heron, duck and goose that live in the swamp all year round. You can buy convenience points and tickets at the Salzwiesen-Naturzentrum.

Behind the Salt Marsh Nature Center, near the crossroads of East33rd Street and Avenue U. This Staten Island Trail crosses the whole Greenbelt from its northeast edge in the municipality of Todt Hill to its southwest edge in New Springville. From LaTourette Park and golf course on Richmond Avenue and Forest Hill Road.

The Alley Pond in Queens meanders through a local hard wood jungle of oaks and tulips and boilerlakes. At the northern end of the reserve you have a wonderful view of the marshes. The entry is at the eastern end of Cloverdale Boulevard.

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