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Locate Pine Plains, NY properties for sale. Immediate search and display of photos of all houses for sale in Pine Plains, NY now. Find Pine Plains NY homes for sale, contact a Pine Plains estate agent or simply learn more about the Pine Plains property market. Search Pine Plains NY property listings to find houses for sale, condos, commercial properties and other Pine Plains properties.

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Mediated by Gary DiMauro Real Estate, Inc. On the first storey you will also find a nice room with a large floorboard, a utility room, two full bathrooms and a large multipurpose room that could be used as a large master suite on the first upstairs. Sitting room, dinning room and canteen merge into one.

The multipurpose room has slide doors that open to the enclosed courtyard and swimming pools, a separate entry from the drive, arched ceiling, new floor coverings, skylights and built-in luminaires. Between the front veranda, the backyard and the terrace, where you have perfect intimacy, this house does not stay behind the options and shelter.

A large dining room with a large dining area, a large bar, dining room and room for a buffetuffet. Tile-flooring in big galley with larder, wooden oven in the lounge with parquet flooring, big double room, bathroom and additional workroom. There' s a beautiful crystal-clear stony outdoor plunge and drywall.

Recently renovated, the first-class cuisine features Calacatta Gold worktops, high quality utensils and a beautiful panoramic landscape. The open layout of the living/dining area has dome ceiling with large glazed and French window to enhance the panoramic position, old visible joists, country-style fireplaces in black and white with rustically finished fireplaces.

Reached from a privately owned access road made of Bucolian rock through farmland and wild flowers, this individually constructed house in the state of Mintz offers many individual architectonic compositionals. An outdoor bluestone terrace outside the eating area is ideal for outdoor eating in the midst of lovely, ripe, perennial vegetation. There is a row of window closets in the dinning room and lounge.

Tailor-made cuisine with polished Calcutta-marmor-counter, front cabinets with drawer details, high-quality cooking utensils, a charming brickwork stove and an adjoining dining room with complementary cabinets invite you to a cosy get-together. On the second level, the 16-ft., three-light master bedroom with quiet panoramic windows has a large bathroom in the bathroom with a large walk-in showers and a floating roof dome.

A stunning lounge with large roofed veranda opening onto a large veranda, a panelled roof and an elaborately engraved chimney has a separated stairway that leads to a lounge with its own patio area. On the second storey, the apartment provides the possibility for two more rooms and is equipped with an individual wall unit, panelling and a European-style bathroom.

Nice 3 seasons veranda with stoney floor and a nice breeze, which is connected with an enormous 2 cars shed. Wonderful warm swimming pools and whirlpool, surround by a spacious outdoor terrace made of stones, a coach shed from the 18. century. Traditional dinning room, large cottage style cooking area, lounge with fireplace and large wooden fireplace, which can be used as a bed and breakfast room/5th bedrooms with en-suite bathroom.

Wonderful wooden flooring, a functional dinning room and a large open plan open plan galley with new cupboards provide ample lighting. From the first level you come into a nice lounge with a large panoramic view and a chimney that opens into the official dinning room. There is a large worktop and a large terrace with easy entry to a large terrace.

This family room in front of the individually decorated galley has an imposing Fieldstone stove, shiny oaken flooring and a floating ceilin. The living room and dinning room converge and open up the large sun room as well as the entrance to the house with floating blankets and tiled flooring. Nice tiled bathroom, eat-in room and bathroom.

Glazed slidable door from the living room and in the open plan open to the back decks and courtyard, perfect for eating and enjoying the outdoors. There is a wooden oven for a cosy and cosy atmosphere in the Familyroom. The Home also has a large open plan fitted with a large open veranda and glazed slidable door facing east.

The three-bedroomed, cosy, private ranch has an open layout with an en-suite main room. There is a spacious utility room on the first level, which opens onto a parking space for 2 cars. There is a chimney in the lounge and a winter garden with whirlpool. Sitting room with four seasons open veranda and cosy lounge.

This guesthouse, constructed in 2001, has 3 rooms, 2. 5 bathrooms, a large living/dining room, fully equipped with 3 beds, a large open plan lounge with fire place, a shielded veranda, a large wood decking, a full cellars with offices and a walk-in wardrobe. Located on the shore of Shekomeko Creek, the hostel has 4 double rooms, 2. 5 bathrooms, 5 chimneys, cottage style cooking, dinning room, lounge, large lounge, large lounge, winery and saunas.

In Pine Plains, NY, 412 properties are for resale in Pine Plains, New York, which spends an annual 72 day on the open air property list. A few of the hotter areas near Pine Plains, NY are Pleasant Valley, Hyde Park Village, College Hill, Poughkeepsie Central Business District, Balding Avenue Historic District.

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