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The Philadelphia Wedding Venue

Filadelphia wedding venues and reception areas for your big day celebration. Philadelphia's spirit, history and luxury come to life in the breathtaking Freemason's Temple. The newly renovated facility has become one of Philadelphia's most chic venues for weddings, social and corporate events. Arrange your dream wedding in Westin Philadelphia. Find out more about our elegant ballrooms and delicious catering.

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Founded in 1976, Finley Corporation has grown to even greater heights than Steve Finley could ever have known. Steve took all of his cookery from his mum as a young child, studied food and worked really hard to make this great US hit. Together with his sibling Tom Finley they have formed a vibrant gastronomic pair.

Thanks to his work, attention to detail, excellent food and first-class staff, Steve has been successful. Finley's achievements, large and small, have given him a name that has led to booking at Ballroom At the Ben and Crystal Tea Room that has exceeded all expectation. In 1997, for example, Steve had the honour of holding the Presidential Summit Luncheon at The Ballroom At the Ben.

Then, President and Mrs Clinton, Vice-President and Mrs Gore, honourable George and Mrs Bush, honourable Gerald Ford, Colin Powell, governors from across the nation and many prominent people were there. The Crystal Tea Room has also staged many notable shows, such as the Tug McGraw Foundation, organized by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

The Crystal Tea Room also organizes activities for a number of endowments, The Cole Hamel's Foundation, Philadelphia professionals and celebrity soirés.

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The Conroy caterer started about 30 years ago. Some young man by the name of Jack had just finished graduate restaurantschool. Young lady called Beth had just finished her diploma in psi. It was a full exploration of opportunity, and Jack and Beth were resolved to do so. Together they chose to make their dreams of joint hosting come true.

They were based on a lorry that they were driving from race to race. This was a modest beginning, but Jack and Beth made sure the important things were right from the start: They had to have the best quality materials, the recipies had to be exceptional, the services had to be first-class. Conroy Catering was different.

After a while, Jack and Beth got hitched. The focus was on the development of prestigious venues where they could accommodate their customers on their own conditions and better monitor the overall aspects of the events. Situated in two stylish, historical buildings, they provided an atmosphere in keeping with the exceptional cuisine and friendly services of the Congolese.

Today, Conroy Catering has more than 100 specialists who are committed to Jack and Beth's commitment to extraordinary dining and value. Regardless of how easy or well thought-out your plan is, Conroy Catering is the enterprise you can count on to make it a reality - with experience, professionalism and always something extraordinary.

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