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The Pennsylvania Highlands Community College

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The Pennsylvania Highlands Community College | A first-class two-year college

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Be a black bear and send in your application today to get the courses you want!

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In June 1993, the Cambria County Commissioners decided to become the unanimous sponsor of the Cambria County Area Community College (CCACC). The State Board of Education in September 1993 authorized the creation of a community college in Cambria County. The Commissioners endorsed the nomination in October 1993 of a 15-member Board of Trustees to represent the geographical services of the Institute and include senior members of the scientific community.

It was established and met for the first time on 26 October 1993. In March 1994, the district commissioners adopted the bylaws of Cambria County Area Community College, and a months later, the Trustees named Dr. John O. Hunter as its charter president, with effect from June 1, 1994.

It was accredited by the Commission on Higher Education, Middle States Association in November 1996. With effect from July 1, 1999, the Board of Trustees has named Dr. Kathleen V. Davis as the second President of the College. Led by Dr. Davis, the college began the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools accrediation proces.

Dr. Davis stepped down as Chairman in December 2001. The Trustees in February 2002 named Dr. John Kingsmore Interim President and the College began its quest for its third President. The College was notified in June of that year that full credentialing was issued by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Dr. Anna D. Weitz began her term of office as the third President of Cambria County Area Community College on July 8, 2002. For the first ten years of its existence, the college extended its range of free art and careers programmes to online classes and cutting-edge technologies. As well as offering loan training to the region's inhabitants, the college had also set up non-lending training programmes to cover the region's labour needs.

President Dr. Anna Weitz's mission was to increase enrolment and extend the college's reach to nearby districts that are undersupplied or not run by a community college. To reach this objective, the College asked the Ministry of Education to rename the name of the Convention to mirror a more local focus.

As of July 1, 2004, the name of the college was formally renamed Pennsylvania Highlands Community College. Dr. Weitz continued his career in May 2007 and on 13 August 2007 the Board of Trustees named Dr. Walter Asonevich as the University' 4th President. The college relocated the headquarters to its present site on the Community College Way in Richland in January 2008.

Led by Dr. Asonevich, the programme at the Ebensburg site was revised and expanded to include further centres in Somerset, Huntingdon and Blair County, extending the college's coverage in the southern Alleghenies. It has added new vocational courses in the fields of weld, radiation, computer sciences, pre-engineering, environment and histotechnics and also provides practical tutorial.

The Penn Highlands offer full programmes through our online campus. It has also become an magnificent way to decrease student loans indebtedness, as its Liberal art victims readily make available for the first two years of a bachelors degree at cost much less than general and individual college tuitions and dues.

And with nationwide arrangements with Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) University, an arrangement with the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, and several other arrangements with local schools, the capability to use Penn Highlands credit to complete a 4-year course has become very effective and efficacious.

Accelerated College Education, our High Level Double-Enrolment Programme, is an Accelerated College Education programme that has been certified by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships and supports up to 1,600 pupils in more than 50 schools each year. The Penn Highlands' double enrollment students have been able to transcribe tens upon thousand college credits earned in high schools toward acquiring college grades at establishments as prestigious as Penn State University, Duquesne University, the University of Pittsburgh and many more.

As the college enters its 6th men's and women's baseball and beach ball seasons, it is further expanding its NJCAA athletics programmes with our new local competitive local competitive NJCAA darts and cross-country team. The Pennsylvania Highlands Community College awards admission to persons who have successfully completed a High Level or GED High Level equivalence.

The Pennsylvania Highlands receives job interviews all year round and welcomes on wheels undergraduates. The Pennsylvania Highlands Community College ist von der Commission on Higher Education der Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools akkreditiert, die vom U.S. Secretary of Education und der Commission on Recognition of Postsecondary Accreditation anerkannt ist.

Cambria County Transit Authority (CamTran) runs two city lines that run the Richland Campus. Cambria County Transit Authority (CamTran) also runs a country coach service to the Ebensburg Center.

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