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The Parkview Medical Center is a private, non-profit hospital in Pueblo, Colorado. PARCVIEW COMMUNITY HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER. Northeastern Indiana and Northwestern Ohio Our goal at Parkview is to enhance your overall well-being and wellbeing. We are a nonprofit, community-based healthcare system in north-eastern Indiana and north-western Ohio. The Parkview Medical Center has an extended medical and specialist healthcare team and nine clinics, with the Parkview Medical Center campus being a local target for specialist wards.

Parkview is the biggest workplace in the area, with more than 11,000 people. In 2018, Forbes made Parkview one of America's top employers and appointed it a magnetic healthcare system for outstanding care performance.

Randallia Parkview Hospital

The Parkview Centre for Rehabilitative Parkview at Parkview Hospital Randallia is delighted to launch a robot-based treatment to supplement conventional rehabilitative treatment for people with walking disabilities. There have been some significant changes since Mike Packnett, President and CEO of Parkview Health, presented $55 million investment projects in the Parkview Hospital Randallia campus:

Brand-new Family Birthing Center (FBC) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) have been relocated to an easily accessible site at Entrance 1. Each department is manned by medical staff and has convenient, state-of-the-art rooms for patients. Brand-new Family Birthing Center (FBC) has relocated to an easily accessible place at the English Tower (Entrance 2).

With ten maternity wards, new mums will be able to work, give birth, recover and aftercare in a single room throughout their sojourn. In addition, a bathtub situated in a seperate room provides a quiet ambience for more convenience during work. ICU, another completely new unit, has also moved and is readily available at English Tower (Entrance 2).

It has 12 hospital cots and state-of-the-art equipment. Sevurgical Care Centre will extend its range by six state-of-the-art operating theatres. At the end of the pilot the centre will have a further 12 facilities. Parkview Rehabilitation Centre will improve the current hospital and ambulatory care to better serve the needs of parishioners.

The Parkview Hospital Randallia is a competence centre for the local public and private sector. You will receive high-quality medical care throughout your life, from family birth centres to senior citizens' clubs. The comfort of our rooms and our sympathetic medical staff are just the beginning of why our Parkview Hospital Randallia makes our guests feel at home.

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