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Day Trips to Paris

Every day-trip destination is easy to reach by train. An entire day in Paris from London with Fast Eurostar Trains. It is a fun way to escape the city for a day or an afternoon. Have a look at these great day trips from Paris. Paris' surroundings are rich in cultural attractions and natural beauty.

Nine best day trips from Paris. Featured Pick! - A backpacking tour through Europe guides

Are you getting tired from the Paris commotion? From Paris there are several great day trips that will show you another side of France that you will not find in Paris. Every day excursion that we have list below is easy to reach by rail from Paris, and there are daily services.

Remember that many French eateries are only open for lunches from 12:00 to 14:00 and do not reopen until 19:30 for supper. A picturesque mediaeval town, about an hours and a half south-east of Paris, and a beautiful day outing from Paris, Provin's website.

During our visit the locomotives departed every 45 min after the full time from the regular stations at East Gate. I' d suggest you buy your tickets at an Ile de France vending machines (so you can jump the queue at the Ile de France counter). As Provins is usually the terminal of your journey, look for it on the SNCF Ile de France screen to find your boarding pass (updated about 10-15 min before your scheduled departures, usually on a higher level platform).

You can see the railway stations in the upper part of the town, but on your way up you can see the walls and the lighthouse. Your website also has a lot of useful information, so try to verify it before you go. Returning to Paris is also simple; just make sure you cancel your tickets.

They are much smaller and will only cut out a single edge of your tickets - not like the big-eyed vending machine in bigger workstations. Rouen is another great Paris day out. Normandy, about an hours and a half south of Paris, is a delightful city.

There are two departures per hours from Gare Saint Lazare railway terminal to Rouen. As you will depart from the Ile de France this year, you will want to buy your passes either on-line, at the Grandes Lignes or at one of the green vending mashines. (Note that these vending systems only allow smart and coin cards).

Queues can be long, so you can either buy and collect your pass early or get to the railway terminal with a lot of inconvenience. You can use the small dispensers in front of each railway platforms to cancel your travel passes (this dispenser will stamp the date/time on your ticket).

The return journey to Paris is quite easy - just make sure you take the last one! It is necessary to buy a Metro pass other than those you have probably used in the Paris area, as Versailles is in Zone 4 (unless you have a Paris Visite card or Navigo pass for Zone 4, then use it!

Buy a round trip airfare and avoid the wait at Versailles train stations when you want to return. Also make sure you keep your pass as you will need it to leave the train as soon as you get there. My best suggestion for a visit to the palace is to buy your admission passes on-line and have them printed out before you go.

And go early. If you don't like getting up early on holiday, if you take a long ride to Versailles, you'll be in line for at least an hours. From the RER base, the palace is only a 5 minute stroll away, just followed the crowds of them. There are frequent return services to Paris, so you should have no problem coming back!

The 45-minute drive takes you on the Gare de Lyon ERRC. It is not subterranean and you will actually depart from the Grandes Lignes. Fortunately, the train leaves about every few hours, so that your voyage will not be slow.

Since you are in the Ile de France area ( "Provins"), you can buy your Ile de France vending machines and search for your Ile de France screen. The Paris Visite or Passe Navigo card through zone 5 will also take you to Fontainebleau.

The Fontainebleau will most likely not be the end of the line for your platoon. That'?s your move. As soon as you know the number of the railway platforms, you will see a table of cities with railway connections on the TV screen at the beginning of the railway platforms (before you actually get on the train). In order to get back to Paris, simply get back on the coach and drive to the railway/trainstation.

Don't neglect to cancel your rail tickets. They will be quite small and, like provinces, will not clock the date and hour. It' s also one of the most popular sights in France, so many visitors are waiting for you, no matter what season you go to.

There are a few different ways to travel by rail, but I would suggest you book a ferry to Dol de Bretagne, where you can take a coach to Mont Saint Michel. You can book the whole trip together, either on-line (simply browse Paris for Mont Saint Michel), at the Grandes Lignes ticketing desk or at one of the green vending kiosks (only with smart and coin card).

You have a line in Dol de Bretagne, where you get on an SNCF coach instead of another one. Whichever trip you choose, your trains depart from Gare Montparnasse. As it'?s gonna be a long one, don?t miss your move.

It will take you about 3 hrs to get there, so if you miss your trains, there is a good chance that your day out will not work. The Dol de Bretagne is very small, the coach is awaiting your arrival. Just like in Fontainebleau, just go with everyone else and get on the front one.

Dol de Bretagne is very small, so it is not the final stop for your group. Before boarding your trains, make sure that Dol de Bretagne is shown on the TV screens at the beginning of your boarding area. Don't forgetting to cancel your ticket by putting it in the little ticket-machines!

And if you miss your coach back to Dol de Bretagne, you'll miss your return journey. You also have some museuses that are not part of the pass. When you are interested in going to one of these events, make sure you have enough free space before you buy your passes.

Your journey home is exactly the opposite of what you did on the way to Mont Saint Michel, and your coach will bring you back to Dol de Bretagne in good season for your return to Paris. Ensure that you are awaiting the arrival of the wagon on the station platforms. You will want to buy a Vernon rail pass (online, at the Grandes Lignes counter or at the local cashpoints if you have a smart and pink card) and it leaves from Gare Saint Lazare.

In fact, you will take the same line as to Rouen, just get off a few stations sooner, about 45 minutes drive. The final stop for your platoon will probably be Rouen. Ensure you are checking the displays at the top of your platforms to make sure Vernon is on the list and checking your tickets in the small cashpoint.

The busses are in front of the railway stations but are not in your initial rail pass. You buy a direct pass from the coach operator, so make sure you have money (about 6?50, round trip). You can buy your queues on-line and printout them at home to save time.

I would strongly advise you not to stop for dinner at a local food court near the railwayhof. Giverny will have restaurants, and even if they are tourist and a little expensive, they are better than anything else near the railwayhof.

The timetable shows you which coach suits your line, but of course you can take any of them. When you don't have a minute to come to Giverny, or when you're out in the cold season, take a look at Monet's giant pictures of lilies at the Musee de l'Orangerie in Paris.

You can buy your trains from the Gare de l'Est and you can buy your passes at the Grandes Lignes or at the cash desks or at the cash desks if you have a smart and coin pass. Ensure that you choose Reims Central Railway Terminal (also known as " Reims Gare " or " Reims Stations ") and not the TGV Champagne-Ardennes railway stop.

Champagne-Ardennes TGV railway stop is just outside the city and means that you have to travel the remainder of the way to Rheims by coach or tramway. I' d suggest you book a local service to the centre of Rheims, even if you have to stop a little longer on the way.

Your final destination will probably be Reims, so it should be easy to locate your platforms. So we bought our ticket on line and chose the basement trip with two kinds of champagnes. From Paris, Lille can be reached comfortably by high-speed railway (TGV) from the Gare de Nord.

You will be in the lovely city of the north of France in about an hours time. Flanders' architectural styles are very different from what you will see in Paris, and the locals are very welcoming! If you have a smart and coin valid Gare de Nord, you can buy your travel passes at the Grandes Lignes counter, or at the local ATM.

You can reach either the Gare de Lille Flandres or the Gare de Lille Europe, which are located directly next to each other. Simply do not go near any of the railway stops. Getting home should be as simple as your journey to Lille; just make sure you are at the right railway stop!

The city of Amiens is located in Picardy, just south of Paris. This is the home of France's highest church, wonderful swimming pools ("hortillonnages") and the manor house where Jules Verne lived a large part of his time. From the Gare de Nord you leave Paris once again after buying your passes on-line, at the Grandes Lignes ticketing desk or at the green vending machine if you have a smart and coin pass.

The Amiens will be your final stop, but your number of stations along the way may differ. If possible, try to choose an "Intercités" course, as these are quicker and jump over the smaller cities on the way. You will also want to visit the Jules Verne home and the Jules Verne museums, which is not far from the railway stations.

Try another "Intercités" for your journey home and you are ready!

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