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National City, California. welcoming page The Paradise Valley is the only hospital in San Diego County to have received this award for five years in a row in 2014-2018. A member of Prime Healthcare, Paradise Valley has received more patient safety awards than any other healthcare system in the nation for three years in a row from 2016-2018.

This award makes Paradise Valley one of the five per cent of emergency clinics that evaluate patients' health security information for its outstanding achievements, as assessed by Healthgrades, the world' s premier on-line source of complete information about doctors and clinics.

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It'?ll take a long one. If a room was shown to await Doctor without him being asked to make a difference, so after anhour, when he comes in, he goes straight on and says I should make a new one. While he did not undergo a major exercise, he recommended a CT scanner that showed a "kidney cyst" 4 hrs later.

In the meantime, I heard employees talking about stripping parties and swearing at each other. Six and a half hour with employees who go to my room and curse each other. So I said and spelt his name and the maid in goggles said he wasn't there and sent me to the hospital.

Hospital said where he was; the ER and they gave me the number! "Discourteous and non-competent are the poorest mixture. There was another woman who thought the same thing and he didn't tell her anything.

Well, I said I was going to another hospital. He said, "Okay," as usual. I' ll never tell anyone about this paradise hospital. A really uncomfortable one. and that was the first one I' ve been here in 35 years.

Urgent personnel were marvelous, very professionally and thoroughly. Baddest hospital ever! It'?s no wonder they call it Death Valley Hospital! She was the most useful and we were thankful for her. Yeah, I know the ER's full of activity, but you don't have to be impolite.

We should be thankful that he is here or we should be waiting another 2 hrs to be seen. "I think he was due to leave at a certain point in the day, and there was no longer any more. I' m just thankful that a registered Nurse helped him.

They are on and off within 1-2 hrs and everyone is so helping, even if it is an E.R. We left the ER after 3 hrs of wait to another hospital. Paradise Hospital, you keep disappointing us. Perhaps I don't have a clear comprehension of ER admission logs, but of all the ERs I've attended with my ageing parent, this is by far the worse.

DON'T TAKE A LOVED HOSPITAL. The" Batch Nurse" did not know what to do. and he didn't know what to do. When I did so, the undertakers made it clear to me that the hospital was responsible for all this!

I once said to the "ward nurse" that this was not the family's fault. She had almost 4 hrs on the ground, neglect he is a donator...never again will I have any of my familys legs kick on this hospital. You better go to a hospital where they know what they're doing.

I' m working in the area of medicine and have surgical work. When they got there, they didn't have my laboratory results and wanted to paint more laboratories that I had done 12 before. I' m also informed that I came too soon. However, I had come at the moment when they had given me this.

Sister Zenaida who was treating me could NOT find a vena to begin and IV if her whole lifes counted on it.... but it was MY LEBEN that would be dependent on it. Unexperiencing, I would not stop to urinate and the doctor emptied my pee box just to see that the drop was too quick and that it was not being used, and shut the drop down at a slow time.

I tried two times and a torturous process, my hand didn't go deaf. The anaesthesia subsides after about 10 h. At 10 a.m., 5 hrs after they said I should be there, I eventually made up my mind to see enough of those little girls' little scarlet banners and call the infus.

I was never given any special care for five long sessions, and now all the employees wanted to help. The person next door spoke to me about the terrible experience she had had with the personnel, and that proved everything I saw. but I went in as a client and gave him enough in.

But all I could do was choose that I would rather be living with a ruptured sinew and a cramped nervous system, which causes me a lot of discomfort every day than trusting the hospital team. To be honest, la la la LOVE is the health personnel here.

I' m not sure where their bad perceptions come from, because my experiences with physicians, nursing and other employees were astonishing. It' not always the first one to come, the first one to be eaten, and it's not a quick lunch ride through the hospital. No. They're not kicking anyone out of a room just because you've been in the lounge for over an hour. No.

You were obviously made to stay in the latency room because you don't have an ambulance! Quit wastein' your ER because your gnat bite, paper-thin slices and top up! One of the things that this hospital does is for those who are too uninformed or illiterate to comprehend how the influx of an ER works.

The worst hospital ever. When I had a road accident my hands could not move waiting for about 4h for a room, so they can take it away 5 mins later and sitting me in the attic. You accused me and fixed the whole file.

I waited for a nursing to at least confirm that I had found all four on YouTube and Netflix, knocking on the front doors and asking if they were ready and if I needed to be seen. Prevent this place, not to speak of all the cracking addicts in the lobby who feel like I'm County Mental Hospital, not the ER.

Sisters, doctors, practitioners and collaborators treat her with such diligence and friendliness that she relieved the load of recover. Myself and my wife are thankful for the Paradise Valley Hospital South Bays Rehabilitation Establishment! They were kind and the Dr. who saw me was helping, but I felt that they rejected my pains and were diagnosing an infectious disease.

She had the most enjoyable and quickest time in her ER. I had gotten dirty in my son's eyes and I had tried to take charge of it myself, but after 24 hrs and he was still lamenting about pains, I needed someone to make sure he had no onyx.

While I wanted to take him to an eye doctor, my health insurer essentially said to me that I should go to the E.R. and I felt somehow uncomfortable taking up theirs, but I was also very concerned about my son's sightedness. Everybody was kind and kind from the minute I got the registration slip and the Nurse and the Nurses were great and I think we only had to wait about 15 min and then we went back to a room where we saw Nurses SH1.

Then we saw the NP Charles Brown, who did a thorough examination and didn't make us guilty because we were there.... The ambulance man Michael Low also came in and examined us, and when we were done, I was absolutely sure that he only had a wear and tear on his eyes and there were no stains!

Receptive clerical personnel are impolite and slowly have terrible experiences..... never go to this hospital it is totally non-professional.

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