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Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa. Palm Springs DoubleTree Golf Resort. When you' re looking for a beautiful California wedding, join us on a tour of the best wedding locations in Palm Springs. Don't miss this spectacular wedding venue in Greater Palm Springs. Ultimate, luxurious wedding venue in Palm Springs or a business retreat.

14- Amazing Palm Springs Wedding Locations

As you may remember, a few month ago I made a short journey to California to see the magnificent Palm Springs. Of course, this was a wedding special event, and I was able to see some of the best and most beautiful wedding venues in Palm Springs.... and I am so thrilled to be sharing them with you today!

Palmt Springs is becoming a favorite wedding venue - and I can definitely see why! Whether you're in a neighboring California town or the bustling NYC, being in Palm Springs will take you away from it all. When you' re planning a wedding in Palm Springs, you'll want to see these fantastic wedding locations!

Luckily for you, my girlfriend Erin from Papered Heart Photography accompanied me to record the journey and she took some amazing pictures of the venues we visited in Palm Springs. The Viceroy Palm Springs is a 67-room executive suite that refreshes the sweeping contemporary Regency look that was fashionable in Hollywood's golden ages and Palm Springs' primal glamor period.

Situated in the 1930' and renovated by the legendary Kelly Wearstler, the complex provides a stylish, design-oriented location and stunning view of the San Jacinto Mountain Ranges from every area. Just one wedding a mornin', all pairs get our full concentration. Which wedding possibilities does your real estate have?

There are two grass areas for parties and open-air parties. How is your real estate different from others? The Viceroy Palm Springs offers a view of the mountains from all angles and yet an intimate one. Offering both ceremonial and open-air welcome, guests can enjoy the fine climate Palm Springs is known for.

Find out more about Viceroy Palm Springs! Parker Palm Springs Wedding can be anything you could ever want - from a little stylish fling to a romantic outdoor wedding to an fancy ceremony with pyrotechnics and so on. Parker's scenery is so breathtaking that it doesn't take much to turn every whim into a real thing.

This luxurious estate is well enough to be home and at the same in elegance for a big wedding. Which wedding possibilities does your real estate have? The 13 hectare site offers infinite possibilities. "The place is unsurpassed. The Mid Century Modern Gene Autry House is a small jewel that can accommodate up to 30 or 70 people.

The possibilities are limitless. How is your real estate different from others? Parker Palm Springs defines luxurious design as Happy Chicago. Find out more about Parker Palm Springs! Lauren pointed out that the Parker was one of my favourite objects. This elegant, ecclectic look had a touch of romanticism and refinement, which is of course ideal for a wedding.

And I was (and still am) quite possessed by the large outside area they had - luxuriant verdant gras, encircled by high bushes and larger than a soccer area! There are so many astonishing opportunities.... and of course I can't leave the "secret garden" door to get into the whole room. Whilst we are still honoring the story of this legendary city, the revitalisation has made the Riviera one of the most beautiful destinations in Palm Spring.

Which wedding possibilities does your real estate have? There is an informal room for 20 people or a large ballroom for up to 400 people! How is your real estate different from others? We are connected to Old Hollywood, our own entertainment room, great services, great dining and a love of detail.

Find out more about the Riviera! Marriages at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club are in every respect one-of-a-kind - our deserts have a breathtaking view of the mountains. With our indoors and outdoors locations option to catch all the deserts, we provide tasty foods and drinks with a strong emphasis on top-quality produce - no two marriages are the same.

Which wedding possibilities does your real estate have? How is your real estate different from others? As an animal-friendly and animal-friendly establishment, Ace is an Ace Hotels & Swim Club with a large selection of room categories (including rooms with terraces) and several rooms that can be uniquely decorated to suit your personal taste.

Find out more about Ace Hotel & Swim Club! Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs offers a frame that blends tops and blossoms with a scenic hill scenery that allows you to conquer the world.

Combine it with flawless services, an unparalleled dining crew and an events management crew that offers new, refreshing possibilities to give your wedding glamor, Hard Rock will bring new significance to the celebration of your loves, loves, loves. Which wedding possibilities does your real estate have? Hard Rock Hotel offers All You Need Is Love Custom Wedding Package, which will be put together to make your wedding experience unique!

Wedding kits contain interior and exterior ceremonies and receptions as well as a complete range of wedding caterers and all the decorative products you need for a successful wedding. Or we can customise other wedding kits according to the pair's unique visions and needs. We' re working with Wedding Warriors, the first wedding party in the deserts, to bring you together with the best of the best.

How is your real estate different from others? - Join our soundprogram - Get to know how to use the guitar in your room, mix tracks or download your own playlists. Ideal for the wedding reception after the party. Find out more about the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs here! Each wedding in Escena begins with a modernistic Palm Springs base, breathtaking architectural design, smooth interior and exterior flows and a breathtaking ambience.

Our competent caterers and kitchen staff will work with you to make your programme of events, your menu and your additional tips unique andgettable. Which wedding possibilities does your real estate have? With a large selection of interior and exterior space, Escena can host a wedding of any wedding regardless of whether you have 20 or 200 people.

It has a meadow with a large pond and a hilly setting perfectly suited for festivities. One of the lobby rooms is a separate function room, which leads into a separate function hall. From the very beginning, wedding meals and other detail will be individually designed and closely followed until the departure of your last guests.

How is your real estate different from others? In addition to the unique ambience, the flexible premises and the hard-working personnel, we work really harder to make your wedding enjoyable. It begins with the fact that you are easy to reach by plane or automobile and only a few steps away from all Palm Springs hotel, so that your guest does not have to worry about their journey.

Find out more about Escena! With some of the most striking and glamourous events and wedding venues in Palm Springs, combined with our world-class cooking and dining staff, you' ll find everything you need in our Palms. Our refined and classy facilities, always artistic and tempting, offer a singular scenery and the necessary luxuries for every occasion.

The pool patio, the cabinas, the extensive garden and the Purple Palm Restaurant & Bar offer a multitude of breathtaking backdrops for your wedding. Which wedding possibilities does your real estate have? For a Saturday wedding, a full Friday and Saturday evening buy-out of (56) rooms and a buy-out of the Purple Palm Restaurant is necessary.

How is your real estate different from others? At the Colony Palms Hotel, the most distinctive feature of your unforgettable experience is the exclusiveness of having the premises as your home for you and your family all week. You' re not gonna be one of two or three chicks in Colony Palms the same week-end.

Find out more about Colony Palms Hotel! Overlooking the San Jacinto Mountains with the award-winning taste of Iron Chef Jose Garces, the Saguaro offers all the ingredients you need for an unforgettable experience! How is your real estate different from others? The Palm Springs has an annual mean of 354 sunndays.

The Saguaro Palm Springs takes you to the deserts with a pulsating swimming poolscene and the lively taste of Iron Chef Jose Garces, inviting you to enjoy Technicolor's 50s game. Find out more about the Saguaro! Which wedding possibilities does your real estate have? How is your real estate different from others?

Find out more about Alcazar! Colony 29 is a fully privately owned and secluded home, but just a few steps from the thrills of central Palm Springs, providing a unique privacy haven. Which wedding possibilities does your realty have? There are three event rooms available for your event, the biggest event location with an area of approx. 7,000 m² which includes a large grass area and cement plate is ideally suited for food and drink or dance.

This second location is great for a wedding or a lecture with a higher platform and an open area. Situated on the side of the hill, the third location is perfectly suited for more private meetings, with an area of 1,500 sq. m. overlooking the Colony 29 and downtown Palm Springs properties.

How is your real estate different from others? Situated opposite the San Jacinto Mountain station, Colony 29 is a seven hectare area consisting of six independent houses that can host up to 26 people. Just a few paces from downtown Palm Springs and the best restaurants, cultural and night life on Palm Canyon Drive, Colony 29 offers private and exclusive spaces with easy access to all acres.

Find out more about Colony 29! Marriages at the O'Donnell House are just magic. Hidden on a rural cliff with views of the whole vale, this historical colonial house in Spain is welcoming pairs to promise their loves in one of the most beautiful areas of Palm Springs. Which wedding possibilities does your realty have?

Hire O'Donnell House for your wedding ceremonies and receptions, and include the organization of events and the cream of the crop of salespeople in the deserts. How is your real estate different from others? Find out more about the O'Donnell House! When you are looking for a stunning, lovely and stunning venue for your particular outing, then the Palm Springs cable car is just the thing for you.

Situated almost 3 mile above the Coachella Valley with scenic vistas of the Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells and Palm desert, to name but a few. Which wedding possibilities does your real estate have? Three Palm Springs cable car sites give you what it takes to make your wedding anniversary unforgettable.

Select the Restaurantbalcony with view of the deserts, the Francis Crocker Room with a rough alpine lode-feeling, completely with a rock fire place and huge pinewoods directly in front of the window, or a more personal wedding in our banqueting hall. Find out more about the Palm Springs cable car! The Moorten Botanical Gardens is a favourite historic horticultural site and has hosted several hundred wedding ceremonies.

Find out more about the Botanical Garden Moorten! In addition, we went to some places where we couldn't get pictures because it was already getting dim. Nevertheless, you should definitely visit the tranquil, Mediterranean Korakia and the historical Palm Springs estate The Willows! What about you.... do you have a favourite from these 14 Palm Springs wedding locations?

The journey and the above contribution was donated by the Palm Springs Tourism Bureau.

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