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About Oxford Bank & Trust Reviews and Credit Ratings Findings

It serves as a cushion against loss and provides security for accountholders when a bank gets into bankruptcy. The amount of a bank's equity is therefore an important indicator of a bank's clout. For security and solidity, more money is better. In our test to assess the appropriateness of a bank's equity, Oxford Bank & Trust scored 10 out of 30 possible points, below the country averages of 13.13.

A common measurement of this cushion is a bank's core equity quota. The core equity of Oxford Bank & Trust was 12. The regulatory authorities consider 59 per cent, which are above the 6 per cent, to be sufficient, but less than the 25 per cent mark. 65% As the equity rate increases, the Bank is better placed to cope with recession.

Overall, Oxford Bank & Trust kept equities at the amount of 9. 27 per cent of its wealth, which was lower than the statewide average of 12. 03 per cent. The aim of this test is to gain an understanding of how the bank's credit default reserve and total capitalisation can be influenced by problematic asset items, such as unsettled credit.

A large number of such funds could ultimately oblige a bank to use funds to cushion loss, causing its own funds cushion to shrink. This also means that there are likely to be many non-periodic financial instruments that will no longer earn interest for the Bank, resulting in lower returns and a potentially higher level of defaulting.

One useful indication of the value of a bank's balance sheet is the share of its problematic balance sheet items in its bill. At December 31, 2017, 2. 17% of Oxford Bank & Trust debt was long-term, i.e. more than 90 overdue or not accrued.

This is above the German federal mean of 1.01 per cent. Borrowing and leasing business" in order to treat difficult asset items. The size of this fund can be a useful indication in assessing a bank's capacity to handle difficult asset management, especially in comparison to the overall amount of difficult credit.

Unfortunately, FDIC did not disclose credit risk provisioning information to Oxford Bank & Trust in its latest submissions. The profitability of a bank affects its security and solidity. The Bank can retain revenues, expand its equity base or use them to manage problematic credits, which should make the Bank more resistant in difficult periods.

An important indicator of a bank's earning power is the rate of ROE, i.e. net annual profits (essentially profit) divided by overall hoV. The most recent annualised ROE for Oxford Bank & Trust was 10. 80%, above the German federal median of 8.10%. Over the twelve-month period ended December 31, 2017, the bank posted net profits of $5. 0 million on aggregate capital of $47. 8 million.

and ROA, of 0. 98 per cent, below the 1 per cent held in line with industrial benchmarks and below the US bank averages of 1. 00 per cent. HARMONICS: WHAT IS SAFE & HEALTHY? Information collected about banking, cooperative lending institutions and savings is kept up to date in accordance with the Safe & Sound Ratings and Reports User Agreement.

Safe & Sound Ratings information is grouped by category of bank, savings bank and cooperative. Safe & Sound evaluation is considered accurate, but the information is not warranted.

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