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Northern California outdoor wedding locations with virtual tours, photos, descriptions, prices and capacity information to help you compare venues. We have the right location for modern couples who dream of a wedding location that is both quirky and outdoor. This is a first-class place for a wedding by the water. Our services include a range of indoor and outdoor areas as well as professional planning services. The Toast Your Los Angeles Wedding in Our Sophisticated Venues.

Outdoors epic wedding venue in Los Angeles

Marry the angels at one of these wedding venues in Los Angeles. So if you are looking for a wedding in California and outdoor wedding venues in Los Angeles, you've come to the right place! There are even recording shots stuffed with Southern California sights, this list provides you with total wow-worthy choices from outdoor wedding venues, beaches, to...

Outdoors wedding venues in Los Angeles are reminiscent of a relaxed wedding aesthetics that both you and your wedding partners will like. Why not schedule your rendezvous at one of these outdoor wedding venues in Los Angeles? If you opt for the contemporary SmoggShoppe (which has turned this pair into a dark tie) or something in the countryside, these Los Angeles outdoor wedding locations are ultra-chic and fashionable.

This is where you'll find some of our most popular outdoor wedding locations in Los Angeles in a contemporary yet relaxing environment for your wedding anniversary. We have the right location for you, for those who dream of a wedding location that is both quaint and outdoor. SmogShoppe is a one-of-a-kind event location in Los Angeles that has a courtyard garden and an adjoining Grand Hall (for couple who care about the weather) to mark their weddingdays.

There is a large patio surrounding the house with gardens, creating an atmosphere of air. The location can seat up to 150 outdoor ceremonies, 150 ceremonial receptions and even up to 250 more relaxed cocktails. The Terranea Resort is a must for stranded outdoor wedding couple.

Situated in the immediate vicinity of Los Angeles, directly on the Pacific Ocean, this seaside resorts is the ideal place for a wedding (and near the coast!). There is a Catalina Hall, an 18,000 square meter Palos Verdes Ballroom and a 6,000 square meter Marineland Ballroom for your wedding year. That means you can select betweendoors and outdoors.

Are you trying to find a place for your best men and virgins to get yourself together before you go down the aisle? Marriages that know they have many out-of-town guests or a large wedding society will find that Terranea can readily take any wedding society outfit. Storrier-Stearns Japanese Garden is one of our favourite outdoor locations due to its full of ponds and the Japanese style architectur.

Married couple looking for an outdoor place immersed in luxuriant vegetation and with a historical background will enjoy their wedding in this beautiful Japanese-style gardens. It is easy to clad the plane tree shrubs of the gardens with sparkling highlights to provide a perfect backdrop for the vow-swapping.

Twenty-five acres feature is also extremly personal, which makes it a tense picks for the couple who want a more intimate matter. is a place like no other. Well known for its unique antique design, this storehouse provides a unique backdrop for couples' weddings. Everywhere in the location you will find individual furnishings and other antique items that make for an ecological ambience for every wedding year.

There are two rooms for you and your prospective husband to chose from, an Indoors Choice, and an open-air outdoor area. The open-air area is ideal for a couple who plan a seating or even a drink as it can accommodate up to 250 people.

This enchanting camp has wood and other strange things that can either help inspired your wedding decoration or turn the room into your own wedding anniversary aestetics. Unique Spaces allow couples to turn their venues into any wedding setting with the help of the roof terrace and other charms.

On the roof, pairs can enjoy a picturesque setting for their own unique days and a funny celebration room! When you are looking for an interior choice, Unique space also has a historical building ideal for celebration. On the inside you will be welcomed with open facing brickwork and tall ceiling, which you and your partners can fully customize.

This 100-year-old charming edifice is reminiscent of an elegant yet modern atmosphere for your wedding anniversary. When you and your prospective partner have your hearts at a mountain gate event site that also has an outdoor setting for your wedding and welcome, then take a look at the MountainGate country clubs. These outdoor-countryclubs in Los Angeles are well suited for a big or small wedding.

There are even glimpses of the Santa Monica Mountains, which are a wow-worthy scenery for wedding profiles. Situated in an exclusive location, it can seat up to 300 people, with on-site service and caterers. In this horticulturally inspiring county nightclub, who wouldn't want to get married?

Madeera Kitchen is a terrace café in the centre of Hollywood. It was definitely a wedding hot spot, as it is suitable for both ceremonies and outdoor receptions. It also has an outdoor setting with visible bars and high glass-ceiling, creating a pleasant atmoshere.

Madera makes it simple for those who are looking for a venue that is not the default outdoor or rural venue to hold an memorable wedding. Maximum outdoor ceremonies can accommodate 150 people, giving a couple the opportunity to have an amorous time. When you decide on a bigger wedding, don't worry!

If a pair uses the entire site of the Madera Hotel, it can accommodate up to 400 people. A further garden-inspired setting, ideal for pairs to use as an outdoor wedding setting, is the Gardens Villa Even. It can accommodate up to 250 people and is a privately owned event site with courtyards, a patio, lakes and a view of the mountains.

The Garden Villa package deals are for those who are looking for a place to relax and have their own cuisine. Your gifted staff will help you plan your wedding (e.g. looking for a flower arranger or even selecting your videographer), which will make your wedding a very pleasant one. You and your S.O. will enjoy the romance of Garden Villa Event and the feeling of having a great time in a unique resorta.

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