Outdoor Wedding Venues in Atlanta

Wedding variety outdoors in Atlanta

ranging from villas and private estates to historic sights and restaurants, here you will find some of the best places in and around the city for an outdoor party. You will find beautiful places for ceremonies and receptions outdoors or indoors. Historic estates and classic landscapes, Atlanta's districts offer unique outdoor wedding venues to suit your budget. This is Victoria Belle Mansion & Vintage White Barn.

Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA.

Twelve wedding venues in Atlanta, GA | See rates

Atlanta has a great variety of choices when a wedding or outdoor party is at the top of your wedding itinerary. Flexibility for events with brickwork flooring, inside bricks and silvery chiaavari stools as well as an adjacent patio for inside and outside.... and two outdoor ceremonial areas. Nature rules at eight outdoor wedding venues (including the beautiful rose garden, the Robinson Pavilion overlooking the lake and the privately built trust garden), as well as the stylish Mershon Hall for outdoor celebrations.

gothic-udor manor and manor, with a magnificent closed patio and renovated landscaped garden (perfect for an open-air ceremony), and a large hall with nut wood panelling and coloured window frames for an outdoor meeting. Piedmont Room has a floating 30-foot ceilings and 12-foot wide window overlooking Piedmont Park and downtown sprawling skylines, while the silk-lined garden tent with crystals and golden chiaroscuro seats provides outdoor entertainment.

Historical manor and property in Antebellum, with a festive hall illuminated with chandeliers, a Romanesque inner court with bushes and cathedrals and a central building with lounges, stony wineries and an welcoming sundeck. Romanesque manor style palace with ceremonials on the grass and a reception room with lavish wood work and a beautiful, curved mahagony stairs supported by a row of bright, coloured lights.

A riverside outdoor cafeteria with colourful scenery and open-air dining, outdoor dining room or wine cellar for indoors. On the second and third floors of Galleria Tower 100, where floor-to-ceiling window areas offer stunning vistas of Atlanta, Buckhead and Stone Mountain, and the adjoining inner courtyards offer ceremonials with a cascade of waterfalls.

An industrially stylish restaurant with views of Atlantic Station and Midtown, along with a delightful brickwork yard with ivy-clad sides, perfect for outdoor festivities and small gatherings. Formerly the first electrical tram line in Atlanta, this old location has a central concourse with a 30-foot wooden beamed floor and an intermediate floor, as well as a tent-capable brickwork terrace encircled by luxuriant landscaped areas, perfect for the exchange of obeisances.

Situated on the fourteenth and fifteenth levels of the Hilton Garten Inn, Ventanas has a helicopter landing pad (for dramatically getting in and out), an outdoor roof terrace and an adjacent interior with two-story doors offering a wide panoramic city centre and Atlanta city area. Historic, stylish and rustically, with several terraces, a manor house from 1928, a lovely farm house from the 1860' and a large ball room with a beautiful sight of the backyard through a room-high-window.

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