Oslo Day Trips

Day Trips in Oslo

Oslo's surrounding region offers a wealth of attractions that perfectly complement a city trip. Great day trips from Oslo. ESSENTIAL : ADMISSION : Oslo Nature Walks: -TVRM_SORTED : false ESSENTIAL : ADMISSION : When you are done with the museums and attractions of the capital, you should consider one of these pleasant day trips from Oslo. From Oslo you can take the tour as a round trip back to Oslo or as a one-way trip to Bergen.

up to 10 day trips from Oslo, Norway

Oslo's surrounding area offers great opportunities for those who want to move a little further away. Most of the best are easy to reach by local transport, such as the lovely Bygdoy Peninsula with its lovely museum and outstanding architectur. Further areas with easy access are Ekeberg, famous for its lovely open space and open air grounds, and Holmenkollen with its famous skiing hills.

There is nowhere a poor outlook, as is so common in Norway, and those who want to spend a little bit of effort are awarded some of the best prospects in Oslo and the Oslofjord. This is certainly the case of Grefsenkollen and Tryvannstårn, two of the highest and most favoured areas on the edge of the town.

Situated on a promontory just four kilometres from Oslo, Bygdøy is home to many of the city's best tourism destinations, such as the Centre for Studies on the Holocaust and Muslim Minorities in Norway at Villa Grande and the Royal Manor, a fully functional 200 acre farmhouse, easy to reach by road or rail.

It is also one of the most loved tourist resorts in the region, as full of culture as it is of nice gardens, woods and sands. Norwegian Folk Museum houses a large number of antique collectibles, among them silver goods, rugs and furnishings, as well as an exhibit on the life of the rags (costumes and marquees, as well as rentier husbandry, hunt and fishery equipment).

There is also the offices and various artefacts of the famous dramatist Henrik Ibsen. Afterwards the old town of Bygdoy with its mediaeval buildings and the pharmacy market is an easier walk. The Viking Navy is one of the best, with three historical naves from the ninth century, the best conserved being the 70-foot Oseberg Navy.

The Fram Museum, which has been specially designed for Arctic research, is a must for anyone interested in Arctic research. The Kon Tiki Museum with its exhibitions is located in an outbuilding devoted to Thor Heyerdahl, who sailed from Peru to Eastern Polynesia on the renowned float in 1947.

There is also the 46 foot long Ra II papyri, in which Heyerdahl traversed the Atlantic in 1970. The Norwegian Maritime History Centre with its intriguing exhibits on fisheries, ship building and maritime archaeology as well as an impressing collection of patterns and pictures is close by.

Situated just two leagues south-east of the centre of Oslo, the Ekeberg district is home to the scenic Ekeberg Parc and the former Nautical College. There are many great vistas of the port of Oslo and the Oslofjord, also from the college patio. There are many fine open-air works of sculpture and artwork in the garden, so be ready to enjoy a few moments on its many tree-lined paths.

An enjoyable trip from Oslo to Holmenkollen (1,217 ft), a forested chain of mountains in the north-west of the town, known for its magnificent cityscape. As part of Nordmarka, Oslo's most beloved skiing area, it is easy to reach by train. Visit the high Holmenkollen jump (you will have already seen it in the far of Oslo ), from where you have a wonderful view, a canteen and the skicam.

From Oslo town centre, easy to reach by local transport, take your Tryvannstårn trip from the Frognerseteren restaurants. Located at 1434 ft above sealevel, this renowned dining establishment provides good dining and a stunning view of Oslo. Afterwards you should definitely check out the historical timber houses of Telemark and Hallingdal opposite the restaurants.

It offers rides for all age groups, from big and small rides, merry-go-rounds and a 5D Spookhouse. Grefsenkollen is another favourite place with outstanding panoramic vistas of Oslo and the Oslofjord. From the top you have a great panoramic position and on the top of the mountain is one of the best restaurants in the area, the Grefsenkollen Restaurant, a Oslo symbol since 1926.

The Henie-Onstad Arts Center in Høvikodden, established in 1966, houses Norway's biggest collections of contemporary Norwegian artists, among them works by Matisse, Miró and Picasso, as well as awards won by the master Sonja Henie. There are also various arts and culture activities at the centre, such as theatre shows and music.

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