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Attractions in Osaka

((Image from Osaka Aquarium. ("Image of flickr. com") Osaka Shinsaibashi. Join the day trips in Osaka to see the spectacular sights.

Attractions in Osaka: See a list of Osaka Temples & Shrines, Museums, Osaka Festivals, Shopping, Bars, Restaurants and Clubs. The city of Osaka, Japan has a lot to offer - from shopping and nightlife to history and culture.

There are 6 attractions that you can access for free

On this occasion we are exploring Japan's nutrition capitol Osaka and discovering some of the best F-O-C hot spots in the town. The Osaka Castle Park is breathtaking, no matter what seasons, but if you want to plant a more colorful leaf, go in autumn (when the leafs are red) or spring (Sakura season).

It is more than just a "park", the whole thing is about 2 square kilometers and offers not only luxuriant green, but also sport areas, a sanctuary and a palace-stack. An aerial perspective of the huge Osaka Palace Gardens. The palace garden is a real eye-catcher encircled by stonewalls, doors and forts.

Admission to the chateau is free, but some amenities within the chateau, such as the Nishinomaru Garden (a stunning lawns with hundred of saplings, teahouse and more), require a surcharge. Situated in the Sumiyoshi-Taisha Shrine, it is the embodiment of tranquillity and beautifulness and the place where the natives can herald the Japanese New Year.

Situated in the Sumiyoshi-Taisha Shrine, it is the embodiment of tranquillity and beautifulness and the place where the natives can herald the New Year. Established in the third before Buddhism arrived in Japan, it is one of the most genuine and "purely Japanese" sanctuaries. Sunbathe in the peaceful setting and watch the kimono-clad natives strolling through the gardens and saying their adoration.

Here you can find out where (and how) you got it. You can see how a small concept became a life-changing nutritional phenomena - through groundbreaking displays and events. At last you can see the "cook" of all your later dinners and emergencies with this family-friendly school. It was created by the founder of the Instant-Pastry, Momofuku Ando, who established this company at the tender ages of 48.

And before you go, customize your own pasta, and enjoy the Japan exclusives for later! Fuji-Q Highland in Mt Fuji, Universal Studios Japan und Legoland Japan One-Day Pass. Anyone who can refuse a free drink, especially if it comes directly from the tap of the Osaka Asahi faucet?

Dotonburi, the busiest road in Osaka, also known as the shopping and shopping area. As the name implies, the catering station isn't exactly a small local history centre, but it's still a nice place to stop by when you're at Universal Studios Japan!

In spite of its name, this catering station is not really a small local history centre, but you can still stop by and take a look around on your way to Universal Studios Japan (USJ). The Takoyaki Musuem is situated along the Universal Citywalk Osaka (the main road to the USJ) and contains a Themepark, several Takoyaki Stores and a Souvenirshop.

So what are your favorite attractions in Osaka? View these delicacies in Japan, the Taiwan overnight market and the cheap Osaka-breakfasts. Snake up and make your reservations for these attractions cards and daily trips with us - no bells and whistles, no effort.

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