Orange County new York Fairgrounds

County New York Exhibition Grounds

County Orange Fair (New York) Orange County is a yearly trade show in the city of Wallkill, New York. It all began when Orange County growers organised an agriculture association to support a district trade show. They tried to organise the mass in 1808, but it did not arouse enough interest locally.

In 1818 the association tried again and kept the mass until 1825. After sixteen more years, the district chiefs gathered at the Old Stone Courthouse in Goshen, New York, on September 11, 1841 to form the Orange County Agricultural society. This was the beginning of the Orange County Trade Show and the first mass was in Goshen on November 17, 1841.

From this first mass in Goshen, the mass has grown in importance and other municipalities wanted to hold it alternately. From year to year, the exhibition changed its location in Montgomery, NY, Chester, NY, Newburgh, NY, Warwick, NY, Washingtonville, NY, Goshen, NY and Middletown, NY. The Westwood One & Pepsi Concert Series was held at Orange County Fairgrounds in the 80s and well into the 90s and featured some of the greatest players in the musical world.

The Middletown NY

Dreckoval was initially built in 1857 for equestrian sports until a group of pioneers chose to hold a car races during the 1919 edition. After the first event was a great hit, it became an established part of the exhibition grounds. This speedway attracts several thousand spectators and riders looking at one of the many divisions: athletes, small blocks, big block modifieds and Sprintautos.

There are more than 30 events during the year, among them the Eastern States Weekend, which is the 200-lap series.

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