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County Orange Credit Cooperative

Get valuable real estate discounts. Look how employees say it's working at Orange County's Credit Union. Ratings and detailed information about Orange County's Credit Union. Cynthia Casey v. Orange County's Credit Union.

The Nuvision Credit Union offers current and savings accounts, car, mobile home, home and personal loans, and mortgages with offices in Orange County and Los Angeles.

1 721 C St Andrew Pl, Santa Ana, CA, United States of America

Everybody who was in my last mortgaging credit trial showed excellent client services without exceptions. It took less than 3 week to complete the whole procedure. OCCU employees contacted me and did their best to solve all the problems I had (including those I had not raised in public about the mortgaging process).

All the OCCU guys in persons are very cute and they try very hard to give good facilities in persons, but I am very suspicious when this smartness is backed into the system. Next night, after realizing that the external transfer system cannot rely on 99% of the credit payment period, I went to their old-fashioned salary by cheque by post, which has no limits on the amount or amount flown.

So I made a pecuniary transfer via cheappay, and their security interest group took it all as a residence commerce instead of as the close security interest commerce. Took about a months to find out that OCCU can't fix it, I have to go to something outside named "Loan Administration". Than, "Loan Administration" at last resolved, but I have tried to get the interest payments in the fiscal year 2017.

More than 2 cashiers should have their turn during the midday break. Want to redeem a cheque entire amount of money, which was maintained in line 18+ minutes with the line extrem long and only 2 cashiers supporting. Excellent client services. After a long period of working with the CU, we needed a credit and asked for an online Sat.

Once again, our services are quick, easy and on time. Having used these boys for my credit for almost two and a half years, it was the hardest thing in the hospital. Thank you for disavowing all my credit home loan and now thanks for Stealing Geld from me instead of being free. I am not too familiar with bank transactions & they were extremely useful & patience & explained every stage of the ccess.

There is only one telephone number for the whole credit union. I' m definitely going to another credit union. When I tried to get a new debit from the idiots at the South Irvine store in Woodbury Village, I thought I'd stop by Santa Ana to see if they were more interested in retaining a client.

Our servicing guarantees the propulsion. In any case, the worst kind of person we're dealing with. When you get a mortgage, everything looks good in the front end and if you are not wise or smarter or detail orientated, you can just subscribe it and get bolted, but don't know it. You have a credit history that will give you the word and then date of credit financing, they change credit conditions to you, but since you are already down that route, and spend funds for estimates and other reviews, what do you do?

Then, when you subscribe the examination debt writing, location is so large indefinite quantity backhand product that you get aweary and elasticity up on work-out. I' m 23 years old, the first auto credit and I' ve had a terrible experiance here. This is the fourth one with everything I need, and I get jumped over in line while I' m there.

It is the poorest application when it comes to updating your record, which is why we end up with all these excessive bullet headaches later. Perhaps it's because they kept my equilibrium up to date, no matter what kind of money, no matter when.

Notice: Never make your client think it's a mistake or say it's a notoriety. Client services should be your first concern if you want your company to expand (wrongly or not trying to help).

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