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Prices for Onteora, The Mountain House. The location has first-class arrangements for a wedding. Onteora Mountain House allows you to do just that. Picture can contain: cloud, sky, mountain, nature and outdoor. The wedding will soon be published in Fairfield Living Magazine.

The Wedding Venue Review: Onteora Mountain Inn

Piney Point Rd 96, Our basic Onteora Mountain House wedding rates are based on a 125-person guestlist with your two-day Wedding Weekend Pack without the 2-night accommodation rate (which you can have paid directly). Every Saturday and Sunday from May to October there are two wedding packs for pairs at Onteora Mountain House.

With its seven rooms, the house is yours from Friday afternoons to Sunday noons. They must use their own packaging for foods and beverages. Failing that, there are several B&B's and other inns within 30 minutes, which includes Kate's Lazy Meadow (owned by Kate Pierson of the B-52's and her partner).

This page is recommended by the event location as a source for finding extra accommodations. Onteora Mountain House is 100 leagues northeast of New York City (about 2 hours drive) and 50 leagues southeast of Albany. It' 8 mile from Woodstock and 16 mile from Kingston and the NYS Thruway.

Onteora Mountain House was the original residence of Richard Hellmann, the mightonnaise Mugul. It has a 20 x 40 ft room with a dome roof, chimney and a panoramic view down to the village. Usually a wedding is held on the decks, a drink in the backyard and a welcome in the pavillon.

Scenery is a really funny and funkie choice for a destination wedding for New York town center couple. Most of your visitors come from the area, I think, is even better, because it's a beautiful ride from the town vs. fly in and then have to go for 2 hrs (although that' a ton of folks do).

Not that I think one of the images really captures the fantastic views of the location (not even from the inside!), and I really like the location lay-out. I would definitely suggest taking the impulse up here (hey, even staying the dark to get a feeling for the place!) and check this out as a possible wedding location if the concept of an upstate New York wedding sound like your cup of tee.

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