One fine Stay Hudson Valley

A nice stay in Hudson Valley

In conjunction with onefinestay we offer three different locations that will make your Hudson Valley holiday truly unique. The Hudson Valley Getaway It is especially important in the Hudson Valley, where we have the feeling that a more genuine learning environment is created by connection with the communities and lifestyles. Together with one finestay we offer three different locations that will make your Hudson Valley holiday truly special. This is a modern house in the Hudson Valley we like.

When staying at Mettacahonts Creek, you should definitely go to one of the local farmers' market and use the beautiful food with butcher's worktops. Located just ten-minute walk from Woodstock City Centre, this house is our Hudson Valley of dreams. They are unmistakably Hudsonian in colour, the interior is bathed in brilliant whites, and the main living room has sloping ceiling, a chimney made of wood and a window that frames the Catskill-Wilds.

You will meet your friend and your loved ones for a swim in the swimming pools or whirlpool on a sunny and warm sunset, followed by a meal on the back veranda. When you are looking for the ideal place to spend time with your loved ones, we suggest this house near Tinker Street in Woodstock city centre.

With its open ground plans, tiled floors and black visible joists, it looks like a farm house. Woodstock, NY 12498 If you are looking for a particular food, we suggest Cucina, a modern ltalian style food service in a renovated, spacious outbuildings. Woodstock, NY 12498 Take a day out to Little House if you're looking for a rare souvenir of your flight to the north.

The Tinker Street Store provides accessories and presents for fashion revolutionist. There' are old and old fashioned household items in Americaa - from colored dips and jars from Japan to an ever-growing collector's line of antique vinyledim.

Forward and upwards

High up - on the highest point in Woodstock - the Quarry Overlook has a wide view: of the city below and the Catskill Mountains behind it. There is a covered patio in the living room, and the living room is similarly picturesque: the chimney is made of solid rock, the pallet is painted red, and the couch is set on two sides overlooking the wood.

Just the top of Overlook Mountain and the three sleeping rooms. They are located near Cooper Lake, a picturesque hiking area, and it is only a 45-minute car ride from Kaaterskill Falls, the famed two-dropfall. It is a brief westbound ride to Hunter Mountain, a favourite destination for downhill and cross-country skiing and snowboarding in the overwinter.

It can be seen from the windows, and its caf├ęs, antiques stores and dining areas - among them wood-fired pizza parlours and Japan's pasta bar - are just a few miles uphill. The Quarry Overlook is about two hours by car from New York City. From the round entrance the entrance doors lead directly into the living room.

On the right, a creme-coloured couch has the sides of image window and the chimney opposite is at full high. There is a grill - and panorama view from the galley to the dinning room (with a seven-person table) and a hatch to the top there. On the right side of the entry is the children's room with toys, the large main room (with its own bathroom) and a stairway leading to the first level.

Upstairs there is a bath with a floor of nature stones, as well as two rooms with a window to the mountain side.

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