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One-day trip

Take a day trip to Stonehenge, Oxford, Windsor Castle, Leeds Castle, The Cotswolds, Bath and more from London. This allows you to travel as much as you want, as often as you want, for one day. Keep in mind, for the same price as a day trip, you can stay away for two days! Have a day trip to one of our resorts with access to our live shows, family activities and Splash Waterworld. Explore Scotland with Rabbies award-winning day trips from Edinburgh.

Top 10 England Day Tours & Excursions (w/prices)

Lean back and unwind as you take the London air-conditioned luxurious bus to Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage Town. Make a day trip from London to Paris on the Eurostar and discover the town on your own or with a family! Select from an independant trip with a Parisian hop-on.....

Don't miss out on a day trip to London full of places of interest and attraction! Included in your trip is a panorama trip through London, admission to the..... Get away from London's masses for a day trip to the picturesque Cotswolds for noon. One of the most popular landmarks in the land on this journey through Stonehenge and Bath.

The trip contains entrance to Stonehenge with free sound.....

Routes - A day trip to Sorrento - Sights and activities

You are on a tour through Italy and make a land trip to Sorrento, or you visit the whole Amalfi coast and would like to devote a day to this historical seaside city on the Sorrento peninsula? These are some hints on what you can see on a day trip to Sorrento, Italy:

Whether you travel by road or rail, your departure point is probably the fashionable Lauro square. At this point, go down Corso Italia to Tasso square, the square in Sorrento. After a few moments to climb a few metres up Viale Enrico Caruso, enjoy the views across the railings down to the spectacular "Valley of the Mills" in the ravine below.

The Piazza Tasso was erected over one of the many "Valloni", small ravines that have been cut in the course of the years by creeks that plunge down from the hill behind Sorrento to the Mediterranean as well. The Piazza Tasso is the ideal place for an expresso or drink. After Piazza Tasso, we head along Corso Italia, the major pedestrian street in the centre of Sorrento, where the local people can be seen.

At the end of Sorrento Street, turn right and then right again... You will find yourself in the enchanting historical alleys of the old city. You' ll probably have seen the stunning inlayed wooden panelling that adorns Sorrento City Cathedral. Follow Via San Cesareo, one of the oldest roads in the city, until you arrive in Sedil Dominova.

The Sorrento high school once gathered here and is now the seat of the Società di Mutuo Soccorso. Don't miss the beautiful 1300 cloisters and one of the most scenic places in the city for wedding receptions and photo expositions. After visiting the crossroads, take a stroll through the beautiful Villa Comunale and take some photos of the stunning views over the Sorrento coast with Vesuvius in the background.

You can go down to the harbour and the Marina Grande beaches on foot or take the lift. However, we recommend that you continue your stroll to Piazza Vittoria, another lovely viewpoint, and then follow the street down to the historical fishermen's town of Marina Grande. To join a sightseeing excursion to discover more about Sorrento's cultural and historical heritage, please reserve a two-hour hike.

The Marina Grande is the ideal place for lunches. We have the following favourite places in Marina Grande: If, after dinner, you don't want to go back up the cliff to Sorrento (to be perfectly frank, it's not that long), you can take the coach back to the city centre.

As you bid Sorrento goodbye, have a last drink in busy Piazza Tasso and enjoy the resort's celebratory ambience that has attracted guests to this enchanting city in Italy for hundreds of years!

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