One Day Getaways new York

Day Trips New York

Favourite places near the city for a quick getaway. Out of New York, explore the countryside on a day trip to Philadelphia and Lancaster County, home of the Amish. When you arrive in Providence, take Seastreak Ferry one hour to Newport. Try it out on your next free weekend! Take a day trip from Boston to New York City.

One day excursions from New York

If you are in New York, either as a Big Apple inhabitant or as a traveler who spends some of your leisurely hours in the country's largest city, sometimes you want to leave the city for a day to see what the area has to boast of. NYC is a great place to go out and see some interesting places to stay for a day and still get to sleep in it.

Simply board a platoon and let your adventures begin. The Westchester County Line is situated just off the coast of Manhattan. Take the Hudson railroad and head due south, exploring several interesting places in a day. Sightsee on a West Bank Westchester River to see the West Point Military Academy, Constitution Island and Fort Montgomery.

Explore the Hudson River Museum and Yonkers Planetarium or the tomb of Washington Irving at the old Sleepy Hollow graveyard. It is 120 nautical mile long, and you can see a variety of tourist attractions according to where you are travelling in Long Iceland. Explore the west side malls, the Gold Coast or the Hamptons to see how the rich are living and playing or enjoying the rugged night life of Fire Iceland.

New Jersey Shore is only a brief journey away on the New Jersey Transit rail services that depart from Penn Station in Manhattan on a regular basis. Visiting the former home town of Bruce Springsteen in Asbury Park or seeing the shores that seem to be swallowing up Sea Bright all the time as coastal degradation is taking its toll. Asbury Park is a great place to be.

You will have the chance to sunbathe on these shores in summers, but the main attraction in the north of Jersey Shore is at night. Probably America's most historic town is only a brief rail journey from New York Town. Organised day trips for sight-seeing from New York are available through tour operator such as CDC.

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