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Day trips from Nyc

As it is a fast car or train ride, you can see both in one day if you want. One-day bus tour from New York to Washington DC. Visit the great monuments of Washington DC on a day trip from New York City. An English-guided tour from New York to Boston takes you closer to one of the oldest cities in the USA. NYC Boston Day Trip book today!

NYC Washington DC 1 Day Tour

Take a full day sightseeing coach trip from New York to Washington DC on the best trip through the U.S. city. We drive from New York to the southwest, through the states of New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, before reaching the city.

View the home of the US Congress on Capitol Hill - and find out more about the US government's architecture. Hold at the White House, the seat of the President of the United States and the West Wing. We will be visiting the Vietnam Memorial to see how this incident has transformed the state. Visiting Arlington Cemetery, where over 200,000 troops have been interred since the Civil War, and John F. Kennedy's tomb, our thirty-fifth cemetery, is worth a trip.

Among the items on display are the Kitty Hawk, Spirit of St. Louis, control units of spacecrafts like Apollo 11 and of course a panorama sightseeing trip before we head back up north, until we arrive in New York city in the early evenings. It is our most beloved trip for many different purposes - the story, the policy, the beauty of the town and the astonishing contrasts to New York!

touring highlights: From New York to the Southeast, the Washington DC Tours travel through the states of New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland before reaching the country's capitol. Departing with a trip to the world-famous Arlington National Cemetery, we will see the Kennedy tomb. We will then proceed to the Lincoln, Korean and Vietnam Memorials.

Our next stop is the Aviation and Space Museum and then on to Capitol Hill, where you will see the US Capitol, home of the US Senate and House of Representatives - the heart of the US-Administration. Departure to New York for an early night in Manhattan. The White House - The world-famous White House is the formal home of the President of the United States and the place where the President lives and works.

The Capitol Building - Often referred to as the Capitol Building or Capitol Hill, has been the headquarters of the United States Congress and the legislature of the U.S. federal government for more than 200 years. The Arlington National Gravesite & JFK's Gravesite - The graveyard where the deaths of the nation's conflict that began with the American Civil War were buried, as well as the president and corpses of previous states.

Part of the Washington Iconical Picture, the reflective swimming pools host s many of the 24 million annual visits to the mall. The Lincoln Memorial is a memorial to the sixteenth president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

Viet Nam Memorial - It recognizes U.S. Armed Services members who competed in the Vietnam War, as well as those M.I.A. Korean Memorial - It recognizes U.S. Armed Services members who competed in the Korean War, as well as those M.I.A. languages: We have a double language speaking tourist guides (English, EspaƱol, Portuguese).

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