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Eating, sleeping and playing in Hudson, NY

The Hudson Valley has many charming inland cities - a picturesque general merchandise shop here, a classical dinner there. But, Hudson, NY is the nearest thing you could call Brooklyn Nort. There is an advantage and a proud, strange sensitivity that many cities in the hinterland do not have, and more design-oriented pubs, places to eat and shop than you could meet on a week-end.

Over the years, the prices in upscale second-hand shops, for which Hudson has long been known, have risen constantly, but there is clearly a marked demand for exorcist chairs and sculptured side boards in Denmark. While you may complain that you didn't buy here when it was still accessible, you can still appreciate the feast for the eyes and all the fun-outstations where you can sense the impact of the local artist and creativity that make Hudson more than just an antiquities Mekka.

It' only two hrs from Penn Station on Amtrak, and the breathtaking view of the Catskills as you travel along the Hudson River makes the rail journey an getaway in itself. One could never say that about the hellish journey to Montauk or the Northern Fork on the Long Island Rail Road, and unlike these seaside resorts, you don't have to sit and watch the Hudson summers.

Here you can have a lot of pleasure all year round, although it is an excellent place to be. Gaskin's and Suarez Family Brewing Company, both just a brief ride from Hudson City. This revitalised city's sleek number of contemporary stores, antique shops and art studios from the middle of the 20th and 21st centuries is a clear indication that serious cash is pouring through it, and you will quickly see by the windows which places are targeted at you and your place of residence.

You just have to know that one week-end is not enough to go to every single one. Late this year, a new five-star property named The Maker, run by the Bartlett family in Ghent, will open in a shingle building, a Georgian manor and a coach-building on Warren Street.

We had rented a cute guesthouse outside Hudson because it had a wood-fired chimney, an important characteristic in the midwinter. Some of the activities you can schedule for a week-end in Hudson this year: early or late spring: 5 May: Hudson Children's Book Festival, one of the largest in the state, with over 75 writers and graphic designers; a great place to go for a family outing.

12 and 13 May: Basilica Farm + Floh, a summer fair. 16 June: The OutHudson Pride Parade is back and the celebrations begin on Friday evening with a spectacular view of the Hudson sundown. The Hudson River Exchange Summer Markets bring 100 grocery, antique and artisans to an open-air Hudson River mar ket. They' also produced a spa event known as Take Care, which is planned for the week-end from 30 June to 1 July.

29 June - 14 August: The Spiegeltent at the Fischer Center of Bard College is only 30 minutes by car away and every week-end is an opportunity to see renowned artists in an lavish 1920s marquee, which in summers becomes a meeting place for dinners, cabarets, dance and extraordinary happenings, such as a life show by the makers of the successful podcasts "Welcome to Nightvale".

The Olana is a scenic property above Hudson which you can visit and discover in early and autumn.

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