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New York Underground man breaks passenger's head with steel mast after a fight

New York metro driver was abandoned with a broken brain after a passengers had beaten him over the top with a metallic cane. New York Police Department (NYPD) said the event took place on a Manhattanrain after the couple got into an altercation. When the battle was escalating, the man struck the 59-year-old with a metallic tube in the face before getting off the platoon and escaping at Chambers Street City.

He' being treatment for a cranial fracture and a ruptured orbital cavity. The NYPD's dispute showed the two men talking to each other and the attacker gesturing to his vic. Then he gets up and hits the sacrifice as he also gets up.

They are now trying to find the man who was probably in his 20s, who wore a dark hat and a dark green T-shirt at the moment of the attack.

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