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Honeymoon location near Ojai, CA. The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. Locate local wedding locations and wedding receptions in Ojai, California. The Ojai Valley Inn Wedding is the epitome of SoCal Chic - California. Locate and book a wedding event in Ojai.

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Marriages are a new beginning and mark the point at which a couple embarks together on a life-long trip. This is the most important place for a wedding and the most important accessoire for a unique wedding anniversary that is full of passion and dream and must be absolutely so.

The tranquillity of the Ojai Valley and the breath-taking mountain scenery of Southern California will make your dreams come true. There are several spectacular wedding venues at the venue that can be chosen for this one particular time. "The ceremony's power merges smoothly into the next fine frame, as all wedding celebrations demand a subsequent welcome.

The Hacienda Farm and the Artist Cottage Lawn provide breathtaking vistas of the Topa-Topa and Ojai valleys. We have a range of wedding locations perfect for a wonderful wedding in Southern California. Weddings outside are possible from April to early November. Please contact our Sales Manager for the specifics of your big event.

Every location will require a $5,000 registration charge, which will include the following: Before and after the wedding, you can also arrange wedding celebration activites, which include spa Ojai treatment, fabulous golfer, gym and mind & body studio courses, arts and aroma therapy at Artist Cottage & Apothecary, horse back rides, tenis, guided walks, angling and canoeing.

There' are many exciting things to do in and around our South California spa to help you finish your magic wedding reception. Prices begin at $40,000 Food & Beverage for up to 150 people. Please feel free to downlaod our wedding booklet for more information on wedding plans and prices. For more information, please get in touch with our Sales Manager.

Anacapa' s ballroom offers wedding attendees plenty of room on the dancing hall next to the ribbon platform for energetic parties and outside patios overlooking the mountains and the setting sun to relax and chat in a calmer ambience. There is a lovely patio where you can have a welcome drink and warm your hosts with an outside fire.

A sunbathing area and a grape vine-covered porch offer an open room for an open-air wedding, with a marquee or porch on request. Make a refreshing, beautiful, one-of-a-kind fragrance or boutoniere of verbena and aromatic plants from the backyard for that particular aroma. The Orchard & Orchard Lawns venues demand the renting of dancing floors, production, illumination, possibly supplemental toilet installations, culinary equipment and light.

For more information, please contact your Sales Manager. Perfect for your wedding party with up to 60 people. Attendance fees for personal functions begin at $3,000 per function, in excess of the villas day-to-day rent and minimal meals and drinks requirements. For more information, please contact your specialist Sales Manager.

The luxurious Casa Elar is ideal for couple looking for a unique, luxurious and festive coup. Breathtaking home offering beautiful view and tranquil surroundings with a graceful reflection of the overall house and well equipped layout. In Casa Elar your wedding parties and your wedding partners will enjoy the peak of luxuriousness - your private sphere.

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