Oglethorpe Mall

The Oglethorpe Shopping Centre

The Oglethorpe Mall is a supra-regional shopping mall on the southern side of the Savannah, Georgia. Which of the two malls is better? Opening Hours, Address & Approach From free Wi-Fi to pram hire, we provide a wide range of facilities and facilities for a pleasant retail time. A map to give innumerable causes. GGP Gifts Cards are the ideal present for you and your family.

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The mall door opens at 8am for mall walker every morning. You can see what's new in your favourite shops, easily browse through the mall and parking like a professional. Subscribe to our e-mail mailing lists to get connected. This is the ideal present for any event. GGP-giftcard.

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The Oglethorpe Mall is a supra-regional mall on the southern side of the Savannah, Georgia. Nominated after General James Oglethorpe, the creator of Savannah, the mall has grown to almost one million sq. meters since it opened in 1969. There are several restaurant-a meal-course and almost 130 shops.

The centre is embodied by Belk, JCPenney, Macy's and, for the time being, Sears[1] The centre also has Barnes & Noble, Old Navy, Stein Mart and DSW, all of whom are among the group. Oglethorpe Mall Centre Court, 1977. Further impetus came in 1982 when a 21,000 square meter extension was added in front of Centre Court with JCPenney and Levy's of Savannah[2] In February 1986, Levy's was taken over by Jordan Marsh, a large federated department store group headquartered in Florida and New England.

Jordan Marsh was merged with the Maas Brothers of Tampa in 1988 and became Maas Brothers/Jordan Marsh. Part of the The Promenade shopping centre (built in 1985 to replace Adler's, adorned with fluorescent tubes and glasstones ) was substituted by Barnes & Noble in 2000.

In 2002, a new foods courtyard was opened, and Abercorn Street's fa├žade was comprehensively enhanced during the 2000s. Rich's was pleated into Macy's in 2005.

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