Nys Fall Foliage

Autumn leaves of Nys

See the fall events in Ontario County's Finger Lakes below. Or to see more autumn foliage events and information from across the state of New York, click here. Autumn Leaves & Activities | Lake George, NY Public Tourism Site

Autumn foliage colours the Lake George Area with a huge colour range. There are many ways to change colours before all sheets touch the floor, from picturesque rides on calm streets to a cruise on Lake George. The autumn foliage period is a unique period in the Lake George Area.

There' s no evil way to inspect the autumn foliage. It is possible to hire a yacht in a rented port and enjoy the colours of the area. Go on a city to city tour and see how the colours intertwine with each city. As the foliage changes, it's a good idea to take a tour of the shores of Lake George Area.

We offer a variety of hot and humid outdoor pursuits such as walking, canoeing, mountaineering and swim. There is an extended net of MTB tracks, among them special singles tracks, snow shoe tracks and broader cross-country-tracks. Crisscruises on Lake George Shoreline during Thursday night fireworks!

Get your relatives or a few of your buddies and go for a horse on the autumn bump! You can find a full listing of white-water equipment suppliers here. Are you and your loved ones looking for an unforgettable holiday in Lake George? Autumn is the ideal moment to get on your bicycle.

Cold weather, calm cycle tracks, hiking tracks and autumn foliage in the wind. If you are looking for an outdoor training or a relaxing drive through the landscape, cycling in the Lake George Area will not let you down! A full listing of cycling routes in the Lake George Area can be found here.

The Prospect Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway is open from Saturday 26 May to Sunday 11 November. You can reach the 100-mile panoramic views from the 2,030' peak of Prospect Mountain along the 5.5-mile curvy highway. Lake George Area is a big place. A picturesque ride through the Adirondacks is the ideal way to enjoy a whole year.

View a shortlist of picturesque Lake George Area rides. This is the most scary and scary evening of the year in the Lake George Area. Halloween in the Lake George Area is a lot of laughs, from ghosts discovering the past to the good old tricks or dealing with the family.

Click here for a full listing of Halloween scenes. There is no way to get to Lake George without a boating trip on the lakes. THURSDAY EVENING, the LAUGHGE GEORGE STEAMBOAT COMPANY'S fires! The autumn foliage period in the LEGOREE area is the perfect moment to go up. Please click here for a shortlist of balloonists.

A walk along a woodland trail or from the top of a magnificent hilltop is one of the best ways to see the bright autumn leaves of the Lake George Area. This area is full of footpaths that offers stunning landscapes all year round. There are many paths that allow you to hike from light to medium difficulty for most people.

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