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Confidentiality in family court cases Anyone in the family courthouse can ask to keep their address private from the other one. That means that your address is kept private and not passed on to the other party. It is important because all your legal documents contain your address and the other party receives a copy of the same.

Methods exist to help you keep your address private. A Confidentiality Order must be received or you must be a registered NYS Confidentiality Program member for your address to be kept in confidence. You tell the family court reporter that you want your address to be kept private. Your agent will give you an "Address Confidentiality Affidavit", which must be completed and autograph.

In the event that the tribunal gives you a decision on the confidentiality of the address, your address will not be included in the legal documents. The state of New York has a address secrecy programme. It is a free programme for people who have had to or want to move for security purposes.

Provided the programme is accepted, your address will be kept confidential on legal files, administrative documents, driving licences and requests for benefits such as employment benefits and official support. To use this programme, you must register and submit your application. When you receive an Address Confidentiality Order or participate in the NYS Address Confidentiality Programme, your address will be included as "confidential" in the judicial record and on all documents of the Family Tribunal and all documents sent to the other insuree.

When you have an order of address confidentiality, the documents will be sent to your "designated recipient". He may be a solicitor, any individual over 18 years of age or the clerk of the family tribunal. It' the operative who's in charge of getting you the ID. When you participate in the NYS Address Confidentiality Program, the legal documents will be sent to the Foreign Minister in Albany and sent to you by registered letter.

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