Nyp Hudson Valley Hospital

Hospital Nyp Hudson Valley

Hospitals in New York. The NYP Hudson Valley Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Center Infusion Center, a joint medical practice in Cortlandt Manor, NY. Chef Peter X. Kelly Teaching Kitchen at NYP/Hudson Valley Hospital.

HUEDSON VALE HOSPITAL CENTER - 17 reviews - Hospitals - 1980 Crompond Rd, Cortlandt Manor, NY - telephone number

Astonishing hospital. I just can't say how great the thoroughness is in here. The nurse, the ambulance and the reception personnel are unbelievable. If I had to, I couldn't choose a better hospital. Very recommendable. Several of the employees are great in the ER. All in all, the hospital is not very tidy, we found medication on the bottom of a brandnew, tidy room, if you can go to another hospital, I would suggest it.

My E.R. background was good from an administration point of view, but my medical attention was poor and they didn't give me the right drugs for my condition. Then I had to go to another ER to get the right prescriptions for my condition. I just hopefully I'll never be able to use the Hudson Valley ER again.

The personnel is always kind of the volunteer in the nicely ornamented souvenir store, where you can always go for refreshing coffees and sweets to the safety guards, who welcome everyone with a wig. Large joint hospital with the latest technologies you would want from larger clinics. A great deal of expertise from beginning to end.

Personnel were attentive and thorough. It' a county hospital, so it's not a proper trauma centre. I' m really deterred by the fact that when you get to the ER, you need to speak to someone through a jar using only a metro-taken cabin mike and an in-communication system where your HIPAA is somehow injured, as everything the hospital clerk says to you is sent loud.

Last week-end our stay was almost over when a puppy came in the hospital, which slowed the doctors' 40 -minute comeback. The nurse said it was to stop personnel from using e-mails at work. It was my HORRIBLE expertise here. After getting into the ER and A--witnesses are completely ignored by the coworkers, B--the whole 3 hours of God damn waiting in the ER, C--the irreverent nursing, the really two shit about everyone or their private lives.....

This whole ER was probably the hardest. I' m wondering if the renovation work, personnel and protocol have got any better. However, after the last stay in Horrendu z, I would rather go to a more distant hospice to get better services and better treatments. It' s a great place for a small municipal hospital. Labulous Nurses and CNA' s Quick ER, unlike White Plains Hospital ER by nurses.

I' ve been to a lot of reminders. It'?s comparable to the best of them. There are also some renowned subpark- please refer toahn. I can confidently say that if you ever have the opportunity to use this hospital or see a beloved person there, you will have the best possible hospital-facilities.

In the name of myself and my extended thanks to everyone at HVHC for their concern and sympathy at a very challenging and dilemma. and your x-ray unit and your personnel were very kind. Hospital's very clear, too.

I have nothing but good things to say about Hudson Valley from stopping it in for plasma samples and MRI to the actual date of surgery. It was all done quickly and the hospital employees in every part of the hospital are kind and make you uncomplicated and comfortable. Oh, I fucking like this hospital!

has been admitted to this hospital in great pains. I never had my sheets replaced. and no one ever had a chance to do it. After the operation, the patient should have cleansed laundry every day. It should be washed.

I' ve been working in a hospital, things have different now. Wouldn't suggest going to this hospital until changes were made. I' ve recently been there for an emergencies and 2 day reception. I was very much struck by the high standard of medical treatment. Everyone I worked with was extremely helpful, kind and amiable.

The rooms are neat and comfortable (as much as a hospital room can be:) The process of working with the patients from reception to discharge is very well organised and works perfectly. I' ve even been volunteered a pets treatment to take a puppy to the vet and interaction with him.

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