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She shares her local tips on the best things to do in NYC, including where to eat, sleep, drink, shop, explore and so much more! Come to these legendary NYC destinations for an unforgettable adventure. The NYC & Company Tourism Department connects you with hotels, tours, attractions, restaurants and services to plan group, leisure or FIT travel packages. Get more money to discover the best of the big city with discounts at NYC's top hotels! Trip through August;

September-October also on offer.

Activities in New York City

Are you looking for inside information on activities in New York Capital? Part of our guide tour we talked to Kate Voyage, who has been to New York since 2003 and has been there every July and August since 2007. She' s sharing her advice on the best things to do in NYC, where you can dine, slept, drink, go shopping, and more!

Might as well come to New York. It has a unique atmosphere and character. Will you go to at least one during your journey to New York? The use of on-line rebate code saves your valuable hours and usually gives you better places than using the Times Square area. Cycling around Central Park (one of the most popular places in New York) and then across the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan are further highlights in New York.

Most of my stay is in the theatre quarter and the eastern part of the town. They' re my favourite places in New York. From the eastern part of the town, walk to Union Square at the crossroads of Broadway and Fourteenth St. The theatre area is Broadway from 42nd St. to about Fifty-two St. The Central Park's primary entry is at 59th St. From Union Square, you can take the Fourteenth St. coach west to the Highline, a former highway that has been transformed into a city parkland in the skies.

It' a bit of cement with some herbs and not the kind of weed you' d think of from a garden, but it's still beautiful. Neighbourhoods north of 23rd St have a tendency to be the coolest (except that the finance area at the lower tip of Manhattan is not very cool). Brooklyn can take the L-train to Huipster National Williamsburg or take a walk through Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene or Grounds Slope if you want to go beyond Manhattan.

This is a beautiful place to take a walk to see Brooklyn, which has its own special charcter. Okay, what to do in New York City if you're starving? A further favourite is the Dasa salesman in Washington Square Park (lunch break). When you feel like ice cream after (or before) a walk through Central Park, there is a Grom Geliato store near the Centennial.

You want to be cool, you can try Brooklyn Hotspot Franny's. The Chowhound Manhattan is another great way to explore the foodies trails, and you can even preview meals on menu pages. It' west of Union Square. Brooklyn Di Fara is very much loved and served sliced. As for vegan pizza choices, try Cafe Viva on 2nd Avenue between 9th and 9th St. New York Magazine have a great function on where you can enjoy drinking every single Friday evening of the weeks in NYC.

Mandarin Oriental's Lounges serve a cocktail and offer a magnificent panoramic look at Central Park. There' s no need to restrict your drink to the nighttime, New Yorkers also love to drink with brush. Best thing to do in New York City at night: The Bryant Park is open to skaters very long at nights in cold weather.

Alternatively, you can take a free cycling tour at 10pm in Central Park or one of the other Times Up moonlit drives. If you like dive bars, try Motor City Bar or the already named Ace Hotel for a little more luxury. Your rooms are starting around $229, which is inexpensive for New York, and includes free Wi-Fi.

Union Square Farmers' Square is astonishing in the summers and one of the most important activities in NYC. There' s a J crew at the Time Warner Center right next to the Central Park door. The Time Warner Center also has a great Wholefoods Super Store with seats and even a microwav.

Great for lunches or picnics in Central Park (and for a nice toilets near Central Park!). You can take any metro for the same price, even to Brooklyn and Queens. However, with the exceptions of "Crosstown" busses, which go east/west rather than north/south, I do not generally suggest them.

There is a good explanation why Sarah Jessica Parker has such firm feet (apart from the fact that she wears paragraphs all the time)! The NYC is an astonishing hiking town. To work for the mornings, go to the New York Public Library's prestigious study room on Fifth Avenue and 42nd St. There are many writing tables, each with an electrical outlet.

Autumn is the best season to come to New York City. In New York I like the summers because there are so many free shows. There' just too much to do in New York City. Today I spends more in Brooklyn than in Manhattan, so I would call Brooklyn a side street if you only think of NYC as Manhattan.

The best secret in New York City is to find free The Skint shows. Brooklyn in particular has an astonishing feeling of high concentration as well. The city of New York is inspirational and stimulating. Authors Bio is a blogs dedicated to travel beyond backpack tourism, with emphasis on vegan/vegetarian travel for many years.

Do you plan to go to NYC? Have you ever been to New York, have you any advice on what to do in New York City? In your opinion, what are the most important things in New York?

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