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You want to leave New York in a minute? The route from New York to Albany is the perfect opportunity. Flying to New York isn't just about the glamour and glamour of New York City. Granted, Upstate may be "different" from New York City and other regions, but it is a concept of pride, not a concept of mockery. You fly to Upstate New York, travel the waterfalls in the USA and Canada.

The NYC in the hinterland of New York - New York City Forum

Of course this is more than we need for the sightseeing of the town, so we plan a 2/3/4 days excursion to the buffalos and Niagara falls. I' d like to show my girls the cases, but also a sensational voyage, because I grew up in the early teenage years in to show them where I was.

Since we have a few get-togethers in our hands, what would you suggest for a trip to the hinterland of New York? Shall we leave NYC and stop for a night or two? Do you want to go to Buf and from there to Letchworth State Park?

Alternatively, other tips for visiting nice places between NYC and Buffalo, such as ponds on the way, but we only have a few short outings. I' d spend the nights in the waterfalls to see the waterfalls glow at sunset and maybe see the firework over the waterfalls. I then rented a vehicle and drove through the Finger Lake area, up to Letchworth, where I stayed for a full week or two.

And if that sound like a map, you can publish more suggestions and features in the Finger Lakes Reiseforum. bbw, for a picturesque ride, go out route 210 if you go eastward instead of taking the freeway. Make sure you can leave your vehicle at the Rochester or Syracuse airports so you don't have to go back inland.

Do you suggest we take a plane from NYC to Buffalo and rent a vehicle from there? The trip to the waterfalls lasts 8h. You would have been great if you had gone to Toronto or Buffalo, hired a vehicle there, then flew to NYC and then back home.

Ask for proposals if you are flying in both directions and make trips from Buffalo or just one way. When you get off the Finger Lakes (I'm speaking specifically of Syracuse here), the only really beautiful parts of the ride are the Poconos (which quite openly, I don't think that's all) & the Delaware Water Gap.

Pleas notice that the journey from Syracuse to NYC will take the whole fortnight. I thought it would be a disgrace to return to Buffalo, but I don't know how much more it would take to get to Buffalo and leave Rochester or Syracuse. If you' ve flown NYC to Rochester, go to Buffalo, then to Finger Lakes and back to Rochester.

All you can do is hire a rental vehicle, sleep in Skaneateles (a little eastward, but one of the most beautiful cities of the Finger Lakes) and then go to Niagara falls to spend the night at the waterfalls, then to Letchworth and back to Rochester. I' ll go to the waterfalls and then to Niagara by the lake.

To stop, you could go northwards from the town to the Hudson Valley, then take 84/17 to Watkins Glen and stay the night. On the 84/17 it's beautiful - the days we were there weren't much rain and it's beautiful through the south Catskills.

Or, take a more straightforward path from NYC to Finger Lakes and stop to see some falls in the Delaware Water Gap. The Watkins Glen State Park is one of the most beloved places (and accordingly crowded), but it's worth it. The Finger Lakes have a barrel of falls and Letchworth is beautiful too.

From NYC you could take the NY-17/i-86 through the Catskills (very picturesque) and then head on to the Southern Tier towards Finger Lakes. Corning Glass Center is great, as is Watkins Glen State park, unless you're there on a sunny week-end when there's a crowd there.

I' m not a Watkins Glen village buff, but it's the most comfortable place to stay compared to the highway. It has a beautiful city centre (Market St.) and would be a good place to stay over. As you have a few free nights I would drive to Ithaca (21 miles) to Watkins Glen and spend the night there.

Near Ithaca there are also three beautiful state parcs, all of which are definitely a must (Taughannock Falls, Buttermilk Falls and Robert Treman). The Letchworth State Park is beautiful and Geneseo near by is a lovely little city to stay over. When you choose to do this, a landscaped alternate to the NY-20A would lead you to the Buffalo area.

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