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So how many of those delicacies from Times Square did you know? Which tree is outside your office? "The best Japanese we had in NYC, and the service is exceptional. Now, by donating part of what I earn to the Food Bank, I join the fight against hunger in New York! On my site are production photos of my theatre shows.

That deceased actor had the best lease in New York.

In 1955, when Patricia O'Grady was moving to the top level of a Greenwich Village walk-up, she and her three flatmates were helping to clean the corridor for a reduced monthly rental fee of $16. As her flatmates continued, O'Grady never quit the squad and won the New Yorker Prize: incredibly cheap rental.

By March, when O'Grady, 84, was mortally beaten by a car just a few feet from her house, she was paying $28. 43 a month for the flat. "I' ve conferred with a lawyer to find out if this rental was possible," remembers Adam Pomerantz, who purchased the O'Grady property in 2002, where his shop, Murray's Bagels, is also located.

He found it legitimate, but with the help of a rental inspection sheet he was able to raise their rents by a hefty $1. 98 - it had previously been $26.45. O'Grady was always early with her payment, says Pomerantz, partly because, despite the fact that his lessees can drop off their rental down at the bagelladen, O'Grady was insisting on sending her cheque.

This may not only be the lowest priced property in Greenwich Village, but also the last coldwater property in New York City: O'Grady was configured to fight Pomerantz when he tried to upgrade it or even make necessary corrections, such as laying planks over gaps. Because of her ostheoporosis, O'Grady was struggling to substitute her when she died out, and preferred to be candled.

" that Farkas hadn't even found out about a lower rental rate in New York City. O'Grady spends her day at YMCA Fourteenth Street, where she swims, takes a shower and reads the New York Times, memories many. Your sibling Roberta, who still resides in her home town of Oakland, California. In the early 1960', when Roberta received her Master's from New York University, she and Patricia became one.

In spite of her bent back, O'Grady still attended dancing lessons twice a week at the Joffrey Ballet Schule, where she was a long-standing and popular schoolgirl. Well, the college had a little commemoration for O'Grady when she passed away. However, she travelled around the countryside once a year by rail to see Roberta in Oakland.

Roberta, in turn, spent every Christmas at Patricia's until the early 2000s, when Roberta started going to the near-by, now enclosed Larchmont Hotel. "Roberta says I got too old to take a bath like this. A lot of people in the locals remember Patricia, who was something of a myth in her little New York area.

Patricia had the closing titles in the movies "Next Stop, Greenwich Village" and "Taxi Driver" from 1976, according to her obituaries, which she had written about five years before her deaths. "The eulogy is quoted by Herbert Berghoff, who described a series of more than 20 plays in which O'Grady performed at the HB Playwrights Foundation as one of America's best female comedians.

In the end, it seems, nobody but O'Grady and Pomerantz knew their precise rental - "I thought it was $35," says Roberta. When O'Grady is gone, Pomerantz will gut and renovate the flat and let it out as a $5,000 double room.

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