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Some of the most beautiful places to go to the Gawk on autumn leaves near NYC. See everything the Big Apple has to offer without worrying about all the traffic on Delaware Express NYC bus trips. The Rockaway Beach is easily accessible from NYC! It' also NYC's only legal surf beach! You can book your next trip with us today!

NYC Top 10 Day Trips & Excursions (w/prices)

Discover the Big Apple on a full day excursion from New York City to Washington DC. Take a full day New York City to the United States capitol, Washington DC, with a full day guided visit. Visit the historic sites and renowned Boston region colleges on this all-day journey from New York City.

From New York to Washington DC, take a day train ride and take a double-decker ride past DC's top sights and attractions. Pleasure you..... We' re offering the best of Niagara Falls with this one-day cruise from New York City..... Explore the strength and splendour of Niagara Falls on a day tripping from New York.

You' ll be flying to Upstate New York, visiting the waterfalls in the USA and Canada..... A day excursion to Washington DC will take you from New York to the capital in a convenient, not overcrowded locomotive and give you an entire day to see the most famous sights..... See the grandeur of Niagara Falls on this day excursion from New York City.

Get on a plane from the Big Apple to Niagara Falls, New York. Have a funny..... Take a 2.5-hour ride with an Onboard Oktoberfest - .... Make a simple day excursion from New York City to Boston with this round train journey. Inclusive of a hop-on hop-off trolly ride that will take you to the many.....

The' Spirit of Orange County' is the ideal day out from New York City. See the grandeur of Niagara Falls on this thrilling 2-day journey from New York City. On a 60-minute fast plane ride from NYC to Niagara Falls, NY, you will be able to.....

NYC's "The Hamptons" Day Tour - Hamptons Message Board

We' ll be in Manhattan from June 17th to 21st and thought about a day excursion by rail to Hamptons. Almost 3 hrs by rail each way. There and back in one day. It' actually quite cute. All you have to do in summers is measure the amount of days from New York.

Do not do it on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, as outgoing trafficking (Friday) and incoming trafficking (Sunday) are killers. Even the Hampton public transport. Ride better than rail. I' ve done this several time. It' always a beautiful day of sight-seeing. It'?s a beautiful last minute.

This is only after leaving the town and a longer stay on the motorway. A day excursion may be possible if you do not travel on a week-end in school. Riding and Jitney - depending on road conditions, but the Jitney timetable (see below link) seems to indicate 2 hrs between Southhampton.

We made day trips to the Hamptons, even on the weekend - we needed about 1.5 - 2 hrs to Quogue and Southhampton. Trains - not safe - you can review the timetables - interesting that it lasts longer than driving/Jitney. Rides more often than the trains, although if the time is good for you, the trains are less expensive.

It is a long journey for the day, but absolutely feasible as long as you know that you are on the road for about 6 hours (3 in each direction). There' s a dude who takes day trips if you're interested and would take you around. How would a good day be for you? Well, I think it'?s hard to visit the Hamptons without a motor.

However, if you want to hire a vehicle - either in NYC or perhaps via Southampton' s Centre, as the Jetney will drop you off next to the Centre it' s a lovely day out. For us, a beautiful day is an hour-long stroll with some places of interest, a beautiful dinner, a stop for something for an evening or two and then back on the trains or jitneys.

The most beautiful of villages, East Hampton has a Jitney stop right in the city. Maidstone Arms Inn is a beautiful place that has a beautiful high-class eatery that should serve lunches. When you want to buy a cab, East Hampton Point is a beautiful place about 15 minutes by boat just off the city.

Less busses right to Sag Harbor, I think, but sweeter than East Hampton. It is a simple taxicab journey from/to Sag Harbor, a little further from East Hampton. Alternatively, get off at East Hampton, stay the day there and then take a taxicab (or coach at the right time) back to Bridgehampton or Southampton and try to reach two towns.

asking about Hampton hours. We' re three Australian women looking for beautiful landscapes rather than a peaceful beachfront.

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