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Finger Lakes Wine Country Area Hotels map: New York recommends North Fork Wineries. Anandaigua Wine Trail Map This wine trail is a boutique collection of unique vineyards on the western edge of the Finger Lakes Wine Region in New York. Updating our maps regularly. The Canandaigua Lake Wine Trail in NY Finger Lakes is wineries, breweries, restaurants, shopping, hotels and bed and breakfasts.

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Just an hours and a half by car outside New York City (a similar journey from San Francisco to Napa) is one of the best wine growing areas in the USA: Long Island's North Fork. Formerly a land of potatoes and producers, in recent years it has developed into an excellent wine-growing area and a great place for a winegrowing holiday.

The North Fork is New York's own small Napa Valley with astonishing vineyards, dining, picturesque rural stores and farmsteads. Lena Dunham also seems to be a big admirer, because the North Fork was the target for a recent holiday in an installment of "Girls". "But don't worry, all the Brooklyn hips have not yet spotted the North Fork; it's still untouched and beautiful with a minimum of beard.

When you leave the Long Island Expressway and head to the North Fork, you will steer your vehicle on Route 25. Route 25, also known as Mother Road, is the North Fork' s major arterial road and the through road that leads to most of the region's vineyards.

As Bordeaux, the Noord Fork is a waterside area, with Long Island Sound in the N and Peconic Bays in the S, which creates an excellent wine producing area. Opposite this cove is the Sout Fork, or landmass, which we also call the Hamptons.

There is also a great vineyard there, but we will reach it later on our itinerary. You should leave Route 25 and head to the Fork & Anchor Fair before you start wine toasting. You can not only orientate yourself, but also buy the necessary refreshments for the wine sampling in front of you.

There are some of the best produce the area has to boast of. Well, now that you have something to eat during your journey, our first stop on this route, where the area has really started, is the Lenz Weingut. Lenz was established in 1978 and is one of the North Fork' oldest vineyards, producing great wine since its foundation.

As the winegrowers of the North Fork began to tear the old potatoes and grapevines, one of the first grape varieties to be cultivated was Merlot, and you will find one of the best specimens of the great Merlot that the Lenz area can produce. Right next to Lenz you will find some of the best ros├ęs produced on the North Fork at Bedell Cellars.

The most fateful winery you will see on the North Fork, Bedell is more like some of the great vineyards in Napa, but its bravery is well-earned. As you are there, you' ll be spending some quality idle space on their giant back decks, and even challenging a buddy to a match of life-size piece play on a chequerboard placed in the vineyards.

Once you have drunk your rose, leave Bedell and drive Route 25 back to the beginning of the North Fork and stop at the Paumanok Vineyards. The name Paumanok is the Indian name for Long Island and is a tribute to the tranquillity and splendour of the place where the Massoud people grow their wine and produce their tomb.

Go to the back of the cellar and savour a drink of its invigorating Chenin Blanc, one of the best variations of the wine made in the USA. Whilst Merlot is still the best grown on the North Fork, Cabernet Franc quickly wins its own champion as the legitimate local name.

A good example of how great Cabernet Franc from the North Fork can be is the fact that it is difficult to find a better wine than the one produced in thisinery. You will be a Cabernet Franc Conversion after tasting a few jars on your back terrace with a beautiful cheeseboard.

Noonbreak! When you leave Clovis Point it may be bedtime, in which case you have two great choices near and convenient on the way to your next vineyard goal. They' re open for breakfasts, lunches and dinners and everything they are serving is awesome. For a lower-priced food, visit The North Fork Table & Inn.

Inside the guesthouse is the most famous North fork eatery (you must book well in advance to enjoy a gourmet dinner), behind the motel is a tasty dining car with a meal also created by the cooks cooking inside, but remember that it is only open for lunches.

He also has a home in the North Fork, and it is not unusual to meet him at one of the vineyards in the area. Now that you've had a little champagne to awaken your taste buds, it's decided to pay a tour of Shinn Estate, one of the flagsmen of North Fork wine.

It was one of the first vineyards we ever went to on the North Fork, and every times we come back, they always amaze us with their wine. Shinn Estate are owned by David Page and Barbara Shinn and almost every year you come to see us you will meet at least one of them in the wine room or somewhere on the estate.

They came to wine growing after a career in New York City gastronomy and their gastronomic experiences are reflected in the wine they produce - all amazing flavours to be enjoyed with tasty cuisine. When David and Barbara sell their critic-celebrated Home in the West Village, they left for Long Island to make amazing bio wine.

One of Barbara Shinn's vineyards is over and it's finally down the Mattebella Vineyards street. Did you ever hear these tales about a man who began making wine in his own cellar, realised that it was quite good and then chose to found a wine estate? The small company is enthusiastic about the wine they make and was managed by Barbara Shinn when she was founded a few years ago.

You don't make a barrel of different wine, but what they do is tasty and your own goodies. There is not a large wine room, so you don't want to come with a large group. After visiting Mattebella, some of your group may be in the spirit for a cuppa.

You' ve tasted a barrel of wine. Whilst many winegrowers in the North Fork also make wine, the same number of winegrowers use advisory winegrowers to make their own wine. This picturesque bar/coffee shop/wine store offers a cup of tea or a cup of wine and some of the best wine made on the North Fork in one place.

When you drink a cup of wine, we suggest Anthony nappa's anomaly. If you prefer, after a cup of tea or wine, you can begin to think about your evening meal itinerary. The North Fork fills up quickly, so it is advisable to make a reservation. It is a new member of the North Fork and the cook used to spend his day at the renowned Noma in Copenhagen.

In First and South, you may want to have a drink before supper at the Kontokosta Winery just around the corner. Just before your meal. The new Kontokosta is the new child on the estate, but they already produce amazing red wines, among them a Merlot, a Cabernet Franc and a Cabernet Sauvignon.

If you are looking for a little diversion, take the boat from the North Fork via Shelter Island to the Hamptons and head to the Channing Daughters Winery. Daughters Channing is the favourite of the New York sommeliers and is known for his innovative winemaking style.

Whilst we have posted our proposals as a traditional Northern Fork tour, we do not of course anticipate that you will be visiting every vineyard we have scheduled in just one single tour. Overnight stays are recommended at the Bed & Breakfast at Shinn Estate and the Greenporter Hotel. Whatever vineyards you are visiting and where you want to dine, a trip to the North Fork is always a great time.

Savour your wine country and don't miss our practical menu!

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