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The links lead directly to the official search pages of the business entities in the individual federal states. Where can I get a status certificate? Where can I get a status certificate? Your application in writing must contain the following information: This is a special declaration that requires a status certificate. An indication of whether the process is either routinely carried out or accelerated.

Postal addres to which the status certificate is to be sent.

A Certificate of Status is $25. Status certifications cannot be ordered through this website, by e-mail or by phone. Division of Corporations receives applications for status certifications by telefax. Faxes must be payed by credit/debit cards.

In order to use your creator of a charge by your creator type or your bank account, please fill out the Authorization Form for Credit/Debit Cards (43.9 KB PDF form, 1 page) and send it to the Division of Corporations with your letter of inquiry. Applications for status certificates can be submitted by fax to (518) 473-1654.

Because of the large number of entries and inquiries the division receives every single working day, it is impossible for the division's employees to check the reception of single client entries. Do not call the department for incoming inspection after you have submitted a document or faxed a query. If, after a suitable deadline, you do not get a letter from our agency, you can call the department at (518) 473-2492 for further guidance.

A status certificat will be sent back by post. If you wish, you can return your certificates by night shipment by enclosing a stamped dispatch-sticker. We do not allow pre-paid stickers with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the shipper.

Search Laws Locally

In accordance with 27 of the House Rules Act, legislation passed by the legislator of a municipality (district, municipality, city, village) is submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, the legislature of each earldom is obliged to submit to the Secretary of State a full consolidation of all district legislation ("County Code") that it has enacted.

New York State Department runs an IT data base of district and federal legislation ("Local LAs Database"). It contains a list of legislation submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on or after 1 January 1998. They also include the counties code submitted on or after April 1, 2015. As a rule, district legislation and country code submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are contained in the District Attorney's Data Base within two working day.

Legislation submitted before 1 January 1998 is not included in the LLA. Photocopies of these can be obtained by making a letter to the Department of State together with the necessary charge. There is a searchable database of legislation available to the general public on this website. We kindly ask you to read the "Local Acts Search Instructions" for further details on how to carry out research and display pictures of the deposited district code and law, which can be found below.

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