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"While New York City is a popular destination all year round, experienced travellers can get better deals in certain months. Here is a view of Alexander Hamilton's life and legacy in the parks of our city. The Fire Museum has rejoined forces with the New York Blood Center to conduct a blood drive. An Internet library free research of New York City administrative decisions.


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Day at New York City

This stunning 1,050-foot tower will be a luxurious home and provide its occupants with a view over Central Park and Manhattan town. Recently The Real Deal met with the architects to discuss his new design and how he predicted it would change the icons of the town. Perhaps the most emblematic characteristic of a town in the centre of the town is its urban sprawl.

Most of the iconical urban landscapes we know and enjoy are built by high-rises, but much of the environment around them consists of other highrises. Yeah, there's a big gap between a high-riser and a tower. Emporis research firm defined a high-rise as a minimum of 35 metres (115 feet) or 12 storeys high build.

Today, these high-rise towers are playing an important part in the metropolitan contexts of large towns. For Emporis' listing of the 20 most high-rise towns in the word, please continue reading. Jeann Nouvel's 53 West Street has reached the top in Midtown Manhattan, New York City (53W53). With 73 storeys, the 145 condominiums project is crowned by a $70 million dollar dual that Nouvel participated in last weekend, New York YIMBY said.

When the program reaches its 1,050-foot climax, it will be linked to the Chrysler Building and the New York Times Building as the sixth-highest in New York City. Three World Trade Centers, created by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, opened in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

With a height of 1079 ft. and 80 storeys, the project is the fifth-highest in New York and the second-to-last lighthouse that will open on the grounds of the World Trade Center. It is part of a wider World Trade Center project, which includes SOM's One World Trade Center, BIG's 2 World Trade Center and a Santiago Calatrava transportation center.

In cooperation with the German artist Paul Warchol, Zaha Hadid Architects has published pictures of her shop for the make-up artist Il Makiage in the label's shop in SoHo, New York City. With the 2018 award, the project is in line with the government de Blasio's efforts to create a "fair, strong and varied town for all New Yorkers".

" Each of the five New York districts takes part in the award, with programs in the fields of learning, cultural, arts and leisure. Inside, the room was illuminated by a central New York Cityscene sculpture, which is reflected upwards to the roof. Ingels wanted to reveal new designs for The XI ("The Eleventh"), a couple of spinning turrets between 16th and 16th Street and 15th and 12th and 11th Avenue.

Bjarke Ingels' work can be seen in the galery through a Manhattan sculpted card built in a 30-foot broad concaved semi-sphere (Egg); a couple of lighted turrets spinning softly on gleaming dance waters; and a 360-degree filmstrip of Ingels and his drawings that scroll through a horseshoe-shaped space (Paper, Stone, Glass, Water).

" This year' s contest is aimed at the Park Avenue business quarter, located between 46-7th Street. Since then, two drafts have been chosen as winners: "Park Park Park" by Maison won the panel of judges and "Park River" by Local Architects won the public select. What architectural firms build most in New York City?

In order to give us an idea of which architectural offices in New York City actually have the greatest effect, The Real Deal has put together a listing of the 30 companies with the highest number of new builds in the five districts over a six-year time frame from January 1, 2012 to January 31, 2018.

The Eleventh, BIG's winding tower blocks near Chelsea Piers in New York City's High Line Parc, are progressing rapidly. In a new rendered version of the work, the draft is shown in its definitive shape (developed through a number of iteration ) and even stands out from its prestigious neighbours, among them Frank Gehry's IAC Building, Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Avenue and Foster + Partners' 551 Western 21th Street.

This is the issue raised by the Kaspar Astrup Schrøder film BIG TOIME, which illustrates a possible issue with Bjarke Ingels' wellbeing. Schrøder Bjarke Ingels, the creator of the Bjarke Ingels Group, takes us on an intensive trip through the last years of his film. It is this one-of-a-kind understanding of what it is like to be an architectural leader in the realm that raises a crucial one.

The Rafael Viñoly Architects' 277 Fifth has reached its full 663 ft and is one of the highest spires in the relatively low NoMad area of Manhattan. During the ascent of the edifice, its hills ides are broken by four singular "loggias" that offer the inhabitants of these entities a place for eating and recreation outdoors.

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