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New York City's best hotels and activities guide. NYC", "The Big Apple" or simply "The City") is the most populous city in the United States. We' re the management of New York City. To build and maintain the hard-working communities of New York City. Contributions, volunteers and advocates to build a better city.

See the Chief Resilience Officer

On April 22, 2015, the City of New York published its OneNYC Resilience Strategy. More than 520 nautical mileage and more than 8 million people are living in New York City - nearly 400,000 of them in facilities that are exposed to physical floods and sea-level rises.

With an ageing population, a 100-year-old meadow and increasing health care spending, New York City's seaside community needs to be better catered for. A city' s effort to preserve its neighbourhoods could result in reproducible, cost-effective schemes for the outside world. 2. In March 2014, Mayor Bill de Blasio named Daniel Zarrilli Director of the City of New York's Mayor's Office of Recreation and Resistance, making his move to Chief Resilience Officer only logical.

He leads the city' s OneNYC Resilience Programme and prepares districts, business and government departments to address the impact of global warming and other emerging challenges of the twenty-first millennium. Previously, in June 2013, he was appointed the city's first director, who implemented a more robust, resilient New York, after working under the Mayor's Special Initiative for Reconstruction and Resistance and led the city's effort to create a global coast conservation agenda for the five districts.

Previously, he was Senior Vice President of Asset Management at New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC).

New York City Partnering

We' re the management of New York City. This partnership for New York City will represent the management of the city and its biggest employer in the personal area. Work with the federal and state governments, the world of work and the non-profit sectors to foster local economy and preserve the city's role as a centre of trade and ingenuity.

The partnership directly supports job-creating and improving vulnerable local authorities and the establishment of new businesses through the New York City Partnership Fund.

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