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It' the conversation of Nueva York: Hybrids named Spanish English

The hostess for one afternoon, Nely Galan, and TV actor Liz Torres plunge onto the bulging, huge seats that rule the nightly talkshow show and, without ever losing a beating, step into the most natural speech for both. Mrs Galan says to her nocturnal audience:'It's a Latin girl festival.

Mrs Galan, a native of Cuba and a native of New Jersey, and Mrs Torres, a native of the island of the Rican and a native of Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan, spoke the hybrids of Spanglish - the preferred jargon for a rising number of Hispanic Americans who see the dash in their legacy as a symbol of two coexistent world.

I think Spanish is the future," said Galan, 32, Chairwoman of Galan Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based TV and movie producer focused on the Latino business. Speaking perfect English. Speaking Spanish fluently, I decide to do both. However, today Spanish is far from the embarrassing sidgin of a new comer.

Whilst the first, second and third generations of Hispanics play a greater role in the economy, press and the fine arts, Spanglish travels with them. A new high-gloss newspaper directed at young Spanish Americans has made the news by spitting a hippy, disrespectful Spanglish. There are few precepts and many varieties of Spanglish, but the most lively and lush is an easy English-Spanish transition, where the two tongues are so close together that they sometimes even merge.

The phrase and phrase move back and forth almost unknowingly, as the speaker's intuitive use of the best words from both languages to summarize a thought. A number of Spanish-speaking practitioners still condemn Spanglish as a degradation of their mother tongues. Many Latinos who have been cautious about the ebonics dispute that English should be regarded as their own jargon are uncertain about how far they want to drive their own hybrids forward.

It is often seen as a pure slang way of communicating that is best for the world of populism, and there is little mention of establishing a Spanish syllabus in school or of requiring Spanish to be acceptable in the work place. The majority of narrators only belong to other bi-lingual Latino people, and when they do it, it is often with a good eye for humour.

If we start to distort the speech in additon to all these good "fruit pick jobs", we will really get it," said Christy Haubegger, editor of LatinAmerica. Mrs. Haubegger, a Mexican-American attorney at law, began her most succesful expedition into the journal scene in June last year when she founded the New York-based latin newspaper Latina-Magazin, a bi-lingual high gloss publication for young Spanish ladies.

Spanglish is used by the magazin to pepper up its story and headline. The six-paint issue of the journal is so popular that it will be released every month this year. Miami, Generation n, another bi-lingual journal, attracted an audiences partly because of a frequent humour feature by Bill Cruz named Cubanamericanisms.

No more than a collection of Spanish Webster-style words now called Cubonics in Miami made the Miami communities laugh at their own clichés. By January, the journal was printing 4,000 new products booklets with extracts from the columns and they were selling quicker than a microwaves could prepare a Weiguache (Weight Watchers) dinner.

Acclaimed Spanish authors Sandra Cisneros, Julia Alvarez and Roberto G. Fernandez have been a routine part of Spanglish's fiction and poems and consider it a legit, imaginative way of communicating. Speech is not a small, air-tight, neat, finished receptacle of something," said Ms Alvarez, a Dominican-American novelist (who is not related to this writer).

'' Speech has also gained dynamism in the field of classical orchestration. Benitez Jellybean, a New York-based label producing records and founding director of Hola, a label whose name is synonymous with Home of Latino Arists, said a new surge of pop performers, most of them young rapper, use Spanglish in their work.

As Reign, a young Latin American vocalist, warned that if he slips "indestructible" into and out of the two tongues on the front page of his record, he does so to unite with his audiences, but also to show Latino Pride, Mr Benitez said. In Texas, where some say that a Spanish-English hybrids has existed as long as Texas Texas, Spanglish - or Tex-Mex, as they call it - has achieved unsurpassed uptake.

Cities near the borders swing with speech. Even the station's advertising staff have asked that their spots be shown in Spanish as they recognise that it can open up the listener's bi-cultural environment. Mrs. Haubegger, 28, the editor of the journal Latin, also thinks that Spanglish is a good deed. If we were an British journal, we would only be a general market," she said.

If we were a satirical mag, we'd be Latinos. We' re the interface between the two, and we are reflecting on a lifetime between two different tongues and two different civilizations in which our reader lives. There are two fundamental ways to use Spanglish, with innumerable variations: switch and borrow. Lending words from either German or Castilian was usually the brainchild of migrants who distort words in England for daily living.

It makes new words by using an anglophone to pronounce an anglophone pronunciation''Spanish style'' (dropping end consonant, making others soft, substituting M's for N's and V's for B's), and transliterates the results with the help of christian script. And since Spanglish has local variations, Latinos in New York could be complaining about''el estin'' in a cold season when the fumes turn off or warning you of''los joldoperos'', bandits stopping you later in the evening.

Sometimes an Anglophone term is lent for the sake of effectiveness, as Spanish is known to be isyllabic. Rather than saying''estacionamiento'' for''parking'', Spanish spokesmen choose''parquin''. Dame un bi-peo later'', said Mike Robles, a stand-up cartoon from the Bronx, who does a whole reef in Spanish. There are whole generation out there who say just that," he said.

Immigrant kids who talk or hear English at home, and English everywhere else, use these words, but they go one better. If you ask them what they say to each other or at home, the response is necessarily the same: Havlo un mixture de los los doses Languages, a mixture of the two.

Traditionists have sometimes complained about this "code switching" between different tongues and have often described it as a lazy and ignorant game. The Spaniards are relying on the American-born Hispanics to fill the loop. However, a new thinking process has recently been established, stating that Spanglish has a high level of linguistic competence in both of them.

Ana Celia Zentella, language student at Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center, who wrote a bi-lingual books in New York. Luz de Armas, CEO of Conill Advertisers in New York, who said that she and her staff spoke predominantly Spanish among themselves, commented.

It often changes into Spanish to communicate rage, happiness, love oder awkwardness, because Spanish is a more emotive speech than English - not because it does not know the name. For me, Spanish is my early Spanish language," she said. It is the speech of feelings and emotion, of everyday life.

'' Like in other language, some words in English just can't be used. English is very succinct and efficient," said Gustavo Perez Firmat, a Duke University lecturer and writer of a poetry book entitled "Bilingual Blues". She has taste. and that'?s what Spanglish is.

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