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Made by Square-Enix & Final Fantasy Dissidia NT. for emperorception. Pictures of the speakers playing the voice of Y'shtola in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Y'shotla is a name that is difficult to pronounce and a character that is difficult to control. Alexander had the aggressive character and military abilities of his father.

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Y'shtola is a gameplayable figure in Dissidia in Dissidia Digital Fantasy NT and its arcaded release, which serves as the primary exponent of the game. Shion of the Seventh Dawn I - standard colouring and Y'shtola's initial performance in Finale Fantasy XIV. Her brown hide and coat is brown and she is wearing a Dalmatian in the colour brown.

Seventh Dawn Sion II - 1. alternative colour. Dyes her Dalmatian blue with grey designs, her pants blackened and her boots whit. It' on the basis of her half-sister Y'mhitra from Final Fantasy XIV. Seventh Dawn Sion III - second alternative color. Healer' s Robe I - Standard colour. Y'shtola's major performance by Heavensward:

Starting with FFXIV. Wearing a long-sleeved top with long sleeves and reddish highlights, she is wearing a pair of dark trousers with dark thighboots and a sneaker. She has longer plaits at the front and her beautiful light brown eye. These are her major clothes in the history of Dissidia Finale Fantasy NT.

Heiler' s Scion Robe II - 1. alternative colouring. Colours her top gown top to accentuate your style with glitter. scion healer's robe III - 2. alternative colouring. Y'shtola furnishes bars and rods: Maple bud dispenser - standard rifle. Your primary armament in A Realm Reborn. Alkali Urops - 1. alternative weapons. Although the baton is two-handed, Y'shtola leads it mainly with one arm due to her playing style.

Seeker of truth - 2nd alternative gun. Y'shtola's lead gun at Heavensward: The Final Fantasy XIV and its major rifle in the history of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Tyrus - 3. alternative gun. Sire Crook - Fourth alternative gun. Y'shtola's weaponry can be used by wizards in Final Fantasy XIV, while Heavensward's truth seeker is handled by Shelly.

Y'shtola is brought into the B worid by the new Harmony goddess, Materia, as one of her selected warrioresses. Though new to the game, Y'shtola adapts quietly to her predicament and quickly finds her companions on her way to Materia's reign, who discover Squall Leonhart and accompany him on the way. Y'shtola and the other champs are told by Materia that they must battle each other to generate enough power to maintain the life of this game.

When she is released by the deity, Y'shtola joins Onion Knight and Vaan, who warmly welcome her to the battle. Y'shtola and her group meet Kefka, who destroys the town out of dullness. Onnion Knight presents him to Y'shtola as the bad guy he met in the last battle, and the three battle with him and his fellow men.

This causes the pilots to descent to the empire and eat it, prompting the group to escape, while Y'shtola is more concerned about the stabilization of the state. During the subsequent battle, Y'shtola Terra, who stood against the cloud of darkness and Ultimecia, uses her ethereal heartbeat to protect against the cloud of darkness's ray of particles.

While Ultimecia and Cloud of Darkness unite their forces in a mighty enchantment, Shantotto rescues Y'shtola and Terra with their own magic. As soon as the slaughter force evokes Shinryu, Y'shtola takes part in a common assault against the kite, but is fended off as Shinryu unveils his real shape in a strong outburst of clout.

Soon after the Shinryu is killed, the Y'shtola-mogs give a crystalline memory for Materia in the new cycle of war. Y'shtola is sent home with a double of her crystals serving for Materia. Sniper - Y'shtola has cast magic that damages and weakens their enemies, and with the right timings their brave moves can be reversed.

Most of Y'shtola's bravery moves are magic words that can be used by a summoner in Final Fantasy XIV or by white magicians such as saints. Blizzard II, virus, ruin, and other types of magic are either Thaumaturge or Arcanist and could be classified by wizards and white mages in-game before they remove and replace crossclass skills in favour of role-playing skills.

Y'shtola's run is the same as the Miqo'te's run in Final Fantasy XIV. Y'shtola relates to her home match at Summon Battes. "We''ll not go the way of the drowned" to Leviathan is about the sunken, the umbrella word is about the enchanted by Leviathan from Final Fantasy XIV.

That is how Ysayle took the shape of Shiva and used her powers to help the adventure seeker in Final Fantasy XIV, making her the adventurer's only friend, as against a terrible enemy they had to kill. "Reminiscences are creepy" to Alexander relates to the Alexander raid in Final Fantasy XIV.

In Bahamut, their line relates to the calamity at the end of the initial Final Fantasy XIV, in which Bahamut descends to Eorzea in Dalamud, bringing immense devastation across the country.

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