Northern Hospital

Nördliches Krankenhaus

Hôpital du Nord du comté de Surry, Mount Airy. Complimentary profile report for Northern Hospital of Surry County (Mount Airy, NC). AT THE NORTHERN HOSPITAL IN SURRY COUNTY. The Northern Westchester is a hospital in New York with the goal of providing patients with the best possible care. What is NORTHERN HOSPITAL OF SURRY COUNTY?


Waiting periods are normal. This is a deeper look at each policy in terms of qualitiy in comparison to government and country mean values for medium-volume-hospital. Analysts warn that very small discrepancies between clinics for a particular treatment are unlikely to coincide with significant discrepancies in the actual state.

Mean length of stay of patients in the ER before they are treated by a physician. Mean length of stay of the patient in the E.R. before they are sent home. Proportion of people who have exited the ER without being seen by a physician. Mean length of stay of the patient in the E.R. before admission to hospital.

Typically, people with fractures had to postpone taking painkillers. Percent of those who came with strokes and did not get results within 45 minutes. "Mean time" relates to the mean queue period (mean value of the queue periods of all patients). Referrals to "doctor" refer to a medical professional.

The CMS will report the CT scanning grade as a percent of those scanned within 45 mins. As we have undone this action, all actions are following a "lower is better" model.

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