Norfolk va Attractions

Orfolk va Attractions

The Norfolk VA is rich in activities. Be inspired for your visit to Norfolk with ideas for family fun, top attractions, tours and neighborhoods. " Hermitage Museum and Gardens, Norfolk, Virginia. The Norfolk Botanical Garden | Photo Copyright: There is much to see and do in Norfolk.

Activities in Norfolk, VA

The Norfolk VA is home to fascinating historic sights, first-class museum, exquisite restaurant and one-of-a-kind retailer..... It' easily accessible to the visitor, most places can be reached on foot, by road or by rail! Norfolk VA offers many opportunities for "children's fun" for those who travel with a family.

In addition to a multitude of aquatic activities, you'll find indoor and outdoor interactivity in places like Virginia Zoo, Norfolk BotanicalGarden and Nauticus, to name but a few!

Best 25 Activities in Norfolk, Virginia

Situated in the Ghent Arts Quarter with views of a small lake known as The Hague, the Chrysler is one of the largest arts galleries in the southeast of the United States and one of the best in Norfolk, Virginia. The Norfolk Musuem of Arts and Sciences, established in 1933, has grown through a large Walter Chrysler Foundation and now houses over 30,000 items that extend over millennia of global heritage.

The Norfolk Botanical Park is a 155 hectare large open botanic park with over forty theme parks, among them those for the season al fresco and a dedicated WOW kindergarten. Situated on the Azalea Park Road, the theme parks feature a quiet hillside and lake styled Japonese theme park, a magical forest of old oaks, hickories and pines providing a haven for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts, a hummingbird park with a mix of year-olds, herbaceous plants, bushes and tree species that attracts these small bird species, and an astonishing tropic show house with luxuriant deciduous leaves and luminescent blooms that grow in Tropic Rainforest.

This is a great place to go if you are thinking about what you can do with children in Norfolk, Virginia. Virginia Zoo is located next to Lafayette Park in Norfolk and is home to more than 500 wildlife ranging from elephants to small arrow frogs and numerous herbs.

It offers several special habitat options for African, Asian, Australian, North American and many other outstanding species. The" Triil of the Tiger " shows uncommon and uncommon Asian wildlife such as Malaysian tiger and tapir, orang-utans, eastern otter, siamang and binturong. Following its re-closure at the end of 1991, it became a Nauticus Nautical Maritime Center vessel.

The Nauticus National Maritime Centre, established in 1988, was opened in 1994 at the site of the former Banana Pier. Norfolk is the biggest marine base in the word. MacArthur Memorial is a remembrance of General Douglas MacArthur. Situated on Bank Street, it comprises a welcome centre, an educational centre, an archives and research centre and a theatre.

There are artefacts, wall painting, pictures, sculptures and cars in the area. Situated on North Shore Road, the Hermitage and Gardens is a historical house and arts muse. Harbor cruising is a Waterside Drive based linerline. She has been running the American Rover since 1986 and provides boat trips through the Norfolk and area.

Situated on West 21 Street between Colley Avenue and Hampton Boulevard, Mermaid Factory is a handicraft shop and workshop that produces sound nymphs and whales. Every mermaid and dolphin is handmade in Norfolk. On Waterside Drive, the Hampton Roads Naval Muzeum is a nautical heritage site that is part of Norfolk's Nauticus area.

Run by Navy Historical & Heritage Command, the Navy Memorial reminds of the U.S. Navy's Norfolk area. Its collection comprises model ships, marine printings and marine archeology. The Harbor is a 36 hectare large playground with a ballpark on Elizabeth River in Norfolk's city.

The Norfolk Tides Major League home to the 12,067-seat Norfolk Tides inaugurated in 1993. Two seats, a barbecue area for personal celebrations, 20 luxurious sky boxes, a panorama looking eatery and other discounts for the sale of meals and beverages to outgoers.

Well-kept, cosy, relaxed and cosy, the Grillled Cheese Bistro offers a selection of classical delicacies and drinks. Possessed by Dina Taylor and Chris Streebing, who founded the place to join their love of eating with their local communities, the original blend of home-made meat and cheese, home-made gravies, home-made fruits and veggies and freshly cooked bred meals has come to please the local people who come back again and again.

Served on the table are a variety of tasty old-fashioned pastries, such as Woody Allen, a tasty blend of freshly baked bread, caper, smoked gouda cream yoghurt, caramelised onion, fried mushroom and pepper. Doumar' s is a historic, family-run restaurant that has offered classical US cuisine for over 100 years.

On Hampton Road, the cradle of the wafer cones, the cradle of the wafer cones, the cradle of the Hampton Road, the cradle of the wafer cones and its North Carolina styled crispy scrambled icecream, grill and killermilk shakes. Norfolk's lively culinary life is fuelled by avid, gifted cooks and aspiring caterers and now you can see some of the best on a downtown Norfolk Meal Tour.

Granby Street Food Tour will take you through the centre of Norfolk, where you can savour a wide range of local food and contemporary dining in award-winning local cuisines. Just a stone's throw from the Naro Theatre in Norfolk's Historic Ghent, the No Frill Bar and Grill is a laid-back, laid-back dinner with a cosy and inviting ambience and a meal of classical US cooking.

The Hunter-Househouse Victorian Museum is situated on West Freemason Street in the Freemason Quarter of the city. This historical building was constructed in 1894 for James Wilson Hunter, a financier and businessman, and his bride Lizzie Ayer Barnes Hunter and her ancestors.

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