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Honeymoon location near Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. at Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. Explore Doolan's Shore Club, a wedding and event venue in Jersey Shore. We plan your next beach wedding or spoil you here in Spring Lake, NJ. Marry on the beach at our spectacular NJ Wedding Venue at Windows on the Water at the Surfrider Beach Club on Jersey Shore.

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Jersey Shore, with its long tradition as the East Coast's favourite play area, has a host of great places to celebrate....especially if you want to get married on the water. Here you will find a choice of the best venues in the area. Stylish: 1880s harbour treasures with historical detail and a classical roofed veranda.

Charmingly and perfectly renovated 1879 style hotels and holiday homes, just half a beachfront. Casual, stylish location on the beach, hosting ceremony on the beach or on the roof with a view of the Atlantic and indoors or out. Exceptional location on the top of the Caesars Pier Shops offers unrivalled ocean, sandy and seafront view and a direct access across the canal.

Bailey night out, with backyards, snow-covered paling fencing and well-tended landscape, not to speak of the fantastic view of the waters on 3 sides. A wedding veranda by the beach and ball rooms on the fifth storey offer a panorama view of the beach, the Atlantic and Cape May. Situated on the waterfront, with a classical pavilion on the beach for beach parties and a ball room with a window that opens onto the ocean from every tables.

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Transform your Big Days into a beach holiday. The Bonnet Island Estate. A beach wedding has something magical: the sands as your walk, the far away ripples, the salt breezes curling through your mist. Whether you want to say "I do" directly on the beach or on the mainland with a view of the sea, the resorts at Jersey Shore close by provide many possibilities for your hot and cold outings.

The Bonnet Iceland Estate. Photograph by Marie Labbancz. When you like the idea of getting remarried on a privately owned holiday destination, this Nantucket-inspired getaway is for you. This remote manor house with its spacious stairwells and impressive furnishings is located on its own coast isle off Long Beach lsland and is watered as far as the eyes can see.

Everything begins in the private boathouse chapel, an authentic Rutland, Vermont wood shed, which was moved beams by beams and rebuilt on the Bonnet Island site. The interior has a chimney with a stove of stones, white painted banks and places for ceremonies for up to 168 people. The cocktails will take place on the spacious porch with a view of the sea before entering the 250-seater Bonnet Island Estate's traditional ball-room, where a 30-foot spire and floor-to-ceiling window make the room appear open and light, with a panorama view of the cove.

The Bonnet Island Estate. Photograph by Marie Labbancz. More information about the Bonnet Island Estate can be found here. The Avalon Yacht Association. Behind this symbol of Avalon, which was opened in 1942, is a wealth of tradition. The founders wanted a place where they could dress up and dine, so it seems only appropriate that the place is now a favourite place for parties, marriages and other occasions.

By courtesy of the Avalon Yacht Clubs. Ceremonial weddings will take place on the north deck of the venue, with a view of the Intracoastal Waterway; you will say: "I do" with the ocean, the skies and the glittering skyline as background. When bad wheather conditions prevail, the inner balconies of the clubs will also be used for your wedding celebration. During cocktails your patrons can enjoy a game of grass behind the clubs before they move in to a welcome in the main ballroom - the room is an empty screen that you and your Florida technician can freely adorn.

They also have use of the property's smaller south deck just outside the home staff area and the upper lounge can be used as a groom-room. The Avalon Yacht Association. Situated in a quiet location at the northern end of Avalon, where there are many free vistas of the waters and no mobs.

The Avalon Yacht Club does not arrange marriages between Memorial Day and Labor Day (except for the first two Saturdays in June), so you should consider this when selecting your date. More information about the Avalon Yacht Club can be found here. Cornethian Yacht Club. Photograph by Marie Labbancz.

One of the oldest yachting associations in the United States ( "Corinthian Yachting Club" was established in 1872 and moved in the early 1960s), it is situated at the port of Cape May, America's oldest seaside resorts. Marriages on the waters are certainly a favorite option for couple who marry here, but the disco has a lot of space to keep your fling even outdoors.

Bigger groups are on the ground level, which has two lobbies, a lounge and a shielded veranda and can accommodate up to 180 people - you can also include a marquee with a view of the marina if your group needs more board. On the second level is more suitable for smaller gatherings (up to 90 people) and has a private lounge and veranda and terrace.

corinthitian yactlub. Photograph by Marie Labbancz. The Cape May landmark is the ultimate yachting nightclub adventure for the couple, with all the marine scenery and the best view of the sea - the sundown over the harbour is truly dramatic, so you and your bridegroom want to take some tranquil memories to savour (perhaps with your camera in tow).

Although the clubs are ready to host Christmas or public holidays marriages, they are open from mid-December to mid-February. More information about the CYCLUB you can find here. There are three nice places to celebrate ceremonies for pairs who say "I do" in the reed. The second floor sun deck allows you to share your solemn visions in total intimacy under a customized grid with a view of the sea.

Alternatively, nearer the cove, the luxuriant grass can be furnished with filigree chains of light and seats for up to 220 people. They can also get remarried directly on the beach; the employees of Reeds accompany the whole wedding reception in electrical coaches.

Receptions include a cocktail and hors d'oeuvres at the grill and a Sweet Grass Ballroom, an open room for up to 220 guests for supper and dance with a slidable front that overlooks a canop. As the reed is located directly at the cove, a magnificent view of the setting sundown over the sea awaits you; pairs often posing for images on the dock before the sundown falls below the skyline.

A lot of reed married couple decide that the bridegroom and bridegroom come to the wedding with their boats - or the pair make a big appearance by going to the wharf during our bar. Minor marriages with short listings (between 75 and 100 people) are usual in the colder seasons when packages are more versatile.

The minimum number of visitors for a seasonal wedding with full outdoor accessibility can vary between 125 and 175 people, according to the weekday and months. Situated in the centre of Cape May, the historical wedding location - the house itself is 139 years old - has been a popular wedding location for more than a hundred years.

Outside, you' ll be exchanging your pledges on the Grand Lawn and having your cocktails on the veranda, both of which can be separated for the occasion. The Tiffany dark and chequered Tiffany dark green balroom is the ideal place for your welcome - and also for your wedding ceremonies, if you decide to keep it there. It has a plaid bottom and is ideal for up to 220 people.

Meals are provided by the congress hall head cook, and most of the products offered on the meals are cultivated on 62 hectares of Plum Farm Beach, just two leagues from the grounds. The striking brickwork fa├žade and the high-rise columns make the Congress Hall a breathtaking summer setting for your wedding portrait.

The Congress Hall is available all year round for wedding receptions, but if you decide for the conservative seasons, you are indoors only. Situated on the beach of Avalon. You will also like the beach bars of the hotels, the Sandbar, where you and your visitors can relax and spend a little more after the big day together.

Seaglass is the name of the Golden Inn's primary venue - it has a built-in dancing and bars area, a platform for conversation and slide window opening from the ground to the top - and can seat up to 300 people. When you are planning an inside celebration, Seaglass is suitable for both your wedding as well as the welcome (the resort also has two smaller function rooms for more private groups), but you will also want to consider the possibilities of the house outdoors.

I do" can be said on the beach or on the generous terrace of the Golden Inn. Maybe the Golden Inn's greatest advantage is its immediate vicinity to the beach - you can hold your wedding by the sea, and when it's over, you're just a few paces away from your lobby at the beachfront.

Outdoor -enthusiastic pairs will also enjoy the possibility of a tent on the Golden Inn terrace. The Golden Inn has no seasons restriction; the estate is available for wedding receptions all year round. You can choose between three such lovely ceremonial sites: the beach opposite the Peter Shields Inn, outside on the front stairs of the estate with its lovely architectonic detail in the back or on the large stairs in the central part of the foyer.

This cosy atmosphere attracts many pairs - your wedding guest will immediately be at home when they enter the light and inviting room. Featuring a clear view of the beach and a barred marquee to keep the rays out, there is no better place to have a cool beverage or a cup of fine wines after supper during the night.

The Windrift was completely renovated six years ago and the shop has been converted into an elegant, modern event location. When you have your hearts on a beach wedding, they will be happy to place your wedding directly on the sandy beach (it is a minumum of 100 chairs), although the rooftop terrace of the hotels is sheltered with a light, airy option as a back-up room for 150 plus weddings.

Then there is for your welcome a stylish Lvl 2 dining and function room, which was added during the refurbishment when Windrift became the only wedding location on Seven Mile Island with a reception-ready second floor patio. The second floor can seat 240 people and you can choose between a refreshment bar, clad ded or stationary dining pack.

When your event is on the smaller side (read: 70 or less guests), you can have your welcome on the rooftop terrace instead. The second floor is the true stars of wind drift - the room not only offers a breathtaking panorama view of the sea, but its concealable glazed panels also provide an open-air setting that gives you full outdoor accessibility.

Your guest can wind on board to take in the hot breezes and the cozy fire. Windrift is open for marriages from April to November; the most common season for married couple is usually early and late autumn. Saturdays marriages have a tendency to be booked two years in advance, of which a minumum of 125 is needed for them.

Photograph by Marie Labbancz. One Atlantic is a very special type of wedding city: the one on the coast: Situated on the pier shops in Caesars, the 10,000 square metre large function room is the only overwater location in the area. Their celebrations take place in the Atlantic Room, a light-flooded room characterized by shiny sail-like roof panelling and solid floor-to-ceiling window frames the Atlantic City sky.

It is so large that it is often divided into one-third for the wedding ceremonies; as soon as the cocktails are served out into the beautiful foyer, the whole room is turned into a welcoming room. One Atlantic has the above -mentioned patio, and your visitors will enjoy watching the ripples plummeting under you.

Your wedding can also be held on the patio, which can accommodate up to 200 persons. The original Philadelphia Wedding Spring/Summer 2016 edition is an update by Alexandra Leshner. Receive more great Philadelphia Wedding content:

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