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Is Ted going to open his new building with Robin as his date, or is he going to break his promise to Barney and tell her that Barney is proposing to Patrice? Go get a Ney Ney cup for your hairdresser Beatrix. " Look at that ass, Tim, she's got the Ney Ney's! ANNOUNCER: Welcome to McGee's Home of How I Met Your Mother. Observe and share Hearthstone playback directly from your web browser.

The way I ran into your mom.

HIMYM (How I Me Your Mother) is an US based comedy that was initially broadcast on CBS from September 19, 2005 to March 31, 2014. It follows the lead Ted Mosby and his group of New York Manhattan mates. In 2030, Ted tells his child and daugther the story of the things that prompted him to see their mum.

Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, who were also the show's performing artists and frequently wrote the show, designed the film. Both of them were living in New York and the show was uninspired by their friendships. Well-known for its singularity, its humour and the inclusion of drama features, How I Me Your Mother has achieved iconic status over the years.

Seven years after its debut, the show won the People's Choice Awards for Favorite Network TV Comedy in 2012, and Neil Patrick Harris won the Favorite TV Comedy Actor prize. It is about the stories of Ted Mosby (played by Josh Radnor), who tells the tale of how he happened to meet his children's mum.

In 2005 the tale begins with a 27-year-old Ted Mosby, who lives in New York City and works as an architectural designer; the tale is about his best friend, among them the long-time married couple Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel) and Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan), the womanizer Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) and the newscaster Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders).

Featuring a "Will they or won't they" relation between Robin and each of the two masculine boyfriends, Marshall and Lily's relation, and the ups and downs of the characters' career, the show investigates many plot lines. The forward-looking framework is formally the "present" of the show, and How I Me Your Mother uses this framework in many ways: to present and re-present things from different angles; to create quips with fast and sometimes repeated rebuttals embedded in spoken narratives; to replace optical, audio or audio euphemias for actions Ted doesn't want to discuss with his kids about (sexual practice, use of illegal drugs, coarse speech, etc.).

And even to include some humour: In the story "How I Me Everyone Else" Ted tells of his appointments with a friend whose name he forgot and leads all the actors to pretend that their first name is "Blah-Blah"; later in the show Ted recalls her name as Carol.

Whereas the old-fashioned romance begins when the romance leaders meet for the first time, How I Me Your Mother's woman (Cristin Milioti) only introduces her name (Tracy McConnell) in the 8th final of the year and only proclaims it during the serial final. In 2030, six years after Tracy's murder, Ted returns with Robin.

Repetitions of the show began on September 13, 2010 on U.S. TV channels and on the Chicago-based WGN America video super station. Presenting parts of The Bro Code, a set of principles Harris' personality, Barney Stinson, often refers to how men should interfere with each other, with an accent on engaging in cross-gender persecution.

Jozh Radnor as Ted Mosby, an architecture, university lecturer and the key personality of the film. He' s the leading actor, because he recounts the tale of his adulthood from the end of his 20s to the beginning of his 30s and all the hurdles he has to face before he encounters "The One" alias his mother.

The tale is narrated by the older Ted Mosby and the storyteller of the show, Bob Saget. After completing his studies at Wesleyan University, Ted relocated to New York City with his buddies Marshall and Lily. At the MacLaren's and Robin urinals in New York he immediately came across Barney.

In spite of these skills, Ted often trades immature, for example in fierce activity with Barney. At the show's final he says that he found the heart of his own existence (the title-giving mother) in Tracy, but only after he told the tale did he realize that Robin was the heart of his being.

Marshall Eriksen, Ted Mosby's best mate. Marshall gets married to Lily in Wing 2, with whom he has been in sweet sorrow since his first year of study; they have a kid in Wing 7. Minnesota, Marshall was borne in St. Cloud, Minnesota. This is Cobie Smulders as Robin Scherbatsky, a newscaster who has recurring connections with Ted and Barney.

A native of Canada, Robin immigrated to take a gig at a newscast channel and ran into Ted at MacLaren's; her native Canada backgrounds are a wellspring of many quips from her mates. and she enjoys guns. You and Barney get betroth-ted and later get married in the first part of the Final set, but divorced in the second part, three years later.

Barney Stinson, Neil Patrick Harris, is a playboy series who uses his comparative riches and a series of shameless policies to tempt a woman without the intent to enter into a rapport. He' Ted' s'brother', often envious of Marshall because he's known Ted since high school and Marshall is Ted' first best mate.

Left by his dad at a young age, Barney has trouble leaving and is clinging to his mates. He' marrying Robin in the final of the show, but they get divorced after three years. Lily Aldrin, nursery school nurse, budding performer and Marshall's wifewl. She' marrying Marshall in Season Two and giving mother to Marvin in the Seven.

Although she looks lovely and lovely, Lily can be quite surprisingly violent. Milioti as Tracy McConnell (guest - Series 8; high seasons 9),[46] (although she only usually appears 28 of 208 shows, she is playing an important role in the show before the final) the prospective woman of Ted Mosby, The Mother.

For the first time Tracy McConnell will be seen in the final of the 8th relay although her name will be alluded to on relay 1 (01x09 "Belly full of Turkey") and unveiled in the serial final. Saget, in the role of Ted Mosby Futures (voice only, uncredited), Ted's own self, tells his kids the tale of how he got to know their mom in 2030.

By 2030 Ted Mosby (voiced by Bob Saget) is sitting down with his daugther and kid to tell them the tale of how he happened to meet their mum. In September 2005, the show begins with Ted (Josh Radnor) as a 27-year-old architectural professional who lives with his two best students: Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel), a legal graduate, and Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan), a nursery schoolte and a rising starter.

Marshall and Lily have been together for almost nine years when Marshall proposed. Her commitment makes Ted think about marrying and find his kindred spirit, much to the loathing of his self-proclaimed best pal Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris), whom he bumped into four years ago on the toilet in a cafe.

An ingenious costume fraud with counterfeit IDs to put a woman to sleep, only to immediately get rid of her interest. He begins his quest for his ideal kindred spirit and encounters an aspiring young journalist from Canada, Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders), with whom he quickly fell in sweet reverence.

Robin, however, does not want to fall into a relation and the two choose to be mates. SUTTED TED betrays that Robin is not the mom after he calls her "Aunt Robin". A bakery girl, Victoria (Ashley Williams), whom he met at Stuart and Claudia's marriage, makes Robin envious and realizes that she has emotions for Ted.

When Ted finds out that Robin has emotions for him, he says that he has broken up with Victoria, although he did not. You almost had booty when Victoria called and Robin answered, confusing Ted's cell with theirs. Then Ted and Victoria split up and an enraged Robin distanced himself from Ted, but they finally reconciled and decided until today.

Meanwhile, Lily begins to wonder if she lost any opportunity because of her connection to Marshall and chooses to follow an arts scholarship in San Francisco and part with Marshall. After the first evening Ted returns to the flat with Robin the next day to find Marshall in the rains with Lily's wedding ring ravaged by her collaps.

Meanwhile, a heartbreaking Marshall tries to go on living without Lily. Having suffered a number of emotive crashes, Marshall's boyfriends enter and Barney tries to bring Marshall back into the date match with clever slogans and slogans. Later Lily returned to New York after she realized that she should not be an artis.

You stay apart when Marshall starts seeing another young woman who is described by the band as "crazy eyes". Her date with the little gal doesn't end well and finally brings Lily and Marshall back together and finally gets their engagements back. As Robin refused to go to the shopping center or why, Marshall assumes that she is mature and Barney assumes that she has appeared in grown-up movies.

You put your money on it and appointed Lily as" Slave Beth Commissioner". "Lily supervises the quest for the facts when they find out Robin was a teen-popstar called Robin Sparkles, and Marshall finally deserves the right to beat Barney fivefold whenever he wants. They use one stroke immediately and another later in the year.

Barney is unveiled to have a homosexual afroamerican half-brother called James (Wayne Brady) and, without knowing that his mom was lying to him, thinks Bob Barker is his sire. During the show Barney won all awards and presented them to Lily and Marshall as a "happy early wedding" gift.

At the end of the campaign, Ted Barney revealed that he and Robin have been separated for some considerable period of the year because of their contradictory opinions on marriages and kids. You didn't tell anyone so as not to distract your attentions from Lily and Marshall's weddin'. Barney's commotion about the view that he and Ted are back in the city.

The Barney starts the year with the words "-dary! "Returning from a journey to Argentina with her new companion Gael (Enrique Iglesias), Ted has to get used to living as her best buddy while he watches Gael and Rob hug each other. and fall in romance with a place they can't even possibly afford. No.

He hears about Lily's poor financial standing due to her obsessive buying for design labels and compels Lily to tell Marshall. This is the third beat Barney gets on Thanksgiving, which Marshall calls "Slapsgiving". "Ted is telling his kids that he got to know their mom through a tale about her age.

After comforting her after a breakup with a former cancer romance, Robin makes sleep with Barney; Ted is angry and chooses not to be Barney's friend anymore. Ted gets into a traffic crash in the final of the year and ends up in an ambulance after the separation from Stella. Barney is then struck by a coach while he is on his way to Ted and is being treated in the same one.

and they' re renewing their friendships. Barney's real emotions for Robin are unveiled as Ted suggests Stella in an amusement park with a pet-kiuru. After she realises how much she missed her boyfriends, Robin goes back to New York to take part in Ted's marriage.

He fights his emotions for Robin when his business transfers him to the Goliath National Bank (GNB), the executive board of a new asset, where Marshall has taken a stance. and discuss whether they're willing to have kids.

A roommate with Ted, Robin gets a position as a presenter for a 4am show after having submitted her résumé. Sexual intercourse between Ted and Robin, so that they don't quarrel over their poor lifestyles. In an attempt to get her to stop struggling to stop it, Ted reveals his passion for Robin.

Lily has thwarted all his relations with someone she doesn't endorse and who may have implicitly influenced his separation from Robin. In the end Robin and Ted talk about what leads to their friendships move towards a good one. When Barney eventually makes love to his 200-year-old wife (and grinds it in the face of the tyrant of infancy who mocked him), he begins to challenge the end of the rest of his lives and gives him more certainty about his emotions for Robin.

At the end of the game Robin finds out that Barney is in love with her and at the moment he refuses to enter into anything other than a pure sexual connection; they seem to end together anyway. At the end of the final, Ted prepares to give lessons in his first grade and Future Ted shows his kids that one of the girls in the grade is their mum.

He starts his work as a teacher of literature and stands in the midst of a schoolroom - although his mom was present, it turns out to be an economic league because he is in the opposite schoolroom. and Lily puts her in a room and forces her to deal with her/himself.

Instead, Rob described it as "two buddies coming back together". "Barney immediately returns to his old ways using the game book to win points with sluts. During the whole saison Barney and Rob show regrets about their separation. Rob is meeting Don Frank (Benjamin Koldyke), her new co-host on her 4 AM TV show.

By the end of the year they split when Don accepts a Chicago work - a work Robin had previously refused to do to remain in New York with Don. And Marshall's using his 4th stroke on Barney again on Thanksgiving. that Lily and Marshall are still not sure if they have a family.

Having observed four doubles in their group (Lesbian Robin, Moustache Marshall, Stripper Lily and Mexican Wrestler Ted), they choose to abandon the big choice to the "infinite wisdom" of the cosmos and try when they see Barney's doubles. Barney dresses up in the end of the year to have intercourse with a woman from all over the globe, and Lily and Marshall confuse him with the last doubles.

Marshall finds out, he chooses not to tell Lily because he fears she may want to stay longer to have kids. So Lily finally finds out and chooses to hold on. At the end of the campaign, Lily thinks she sees Barney's double as a salesgirl and the group realizes that she sees what she wants to see and plays along.

Finally, Barney agree having babies is not a bad notion and Lily and Marshall should go. Lily Marshall ends the year by asking "to put a newborn in my stomach". At the opening of the seasons Ted sees Cindy again with a little woman he thinks is her flatmate, but she turns out to be Cindy's friend, who she later gets married.

When Barney bumped him off, GNB finally hires Ted back as architecture for the bank's new head office, which was initially scraped in the fourth series. In the course of the campaign, Ted's meetings with Zoey finally flourish into a rapport after she gets divorced from her wealthy captain (Kyle MacLachlan), but they separate as he puts his carreer and boyfriends above lovemaking, which leads to the demise of the Arcadian.

After Lily and Marshall agree to have a newborn at the end of the last year, they continue to have intercourse and hope to get knocked up. He' trying to get over his father' s passing and get back to life. In spite of a promise to Lily to work hard for her own futures, Marshall retires from GNB and follows his vision of being an environment solicitor.

By the end of the saison, Lily shows that she's expecting. After all, Barney acknowledges to the mob that Bob Barker is not his true dad, especially when his mom chooses to go and buy the home he was raised in and his own daddy is met by his own son James. It is Loretta who provides Barney's father's name on a piece of hardcopy, but Barney rips it apart after recognizing her effort as a lone mum.

Barney Loretta at Marshall's father's burial says he finally wants to see his sire. In the end, the man, Jerry Whittaker (John Lithgow), is exposed as someone Barney thought was his uncles. Barney, who recalls Jerry as a fun-loving man, is frustrated after experiencing how Jerry has outgrown his free-range paths.

Though he' trying to return Jerry's old behavior, Barney acknowledges that one day he wants to set up. He' s also presented to Nora (Nazanin Boniadi), a collaborator of Robin, for whom he is developing emotions. At the end of the summer months, after an argument at first, the two make up after Barney asks them for a cup of Cafe.

She is still working on her talkshow Come On, Get Up, New York! They also discover more of their past than Canada's Robin Sparkles. Rob also meets a man (Michael Trucco) she has had a clandestine bruise on since the first seeing him when she and Ted were dating, and future Ted implies that they will see more of him later.

Brief footage during the opening night and the finals show a marriage kit in which Ted will be meeting his would-be spouse. The bridegroom is Barney in the last one. The seventh series begins with another Flash-forward in which Ted Barney helps to prepare for his marriage with an as yet unidentified fiance.

Now Marshall gets a gig in environment as Lily's gestation goes on. Nora can be a good friend to her while still having a feeling for Barney. She is meeting a psychotherapist Kevin (Kal Penn) and they begin to date. Meanwhile, after a spell of joblessness since GNB's departure, Marshall eventually managed to get his ideal position in a top environment lawyer's office.

Following the loss of a wager, Barney is compelled to put on a nickname "Ducky Tie", which he hated. Allowing Marshall to take it off when he meets Nora's folks, on the proviso that Barney has added three smackings to the remainder of the slap game.

Now Marshall uses two smackings and leaves two. As they remember Hurricane Irene, Lily and Marshall tell that they fathered their babies in Barney's flat and that Barney and Robin end up having sex. Resolutely, Barney and Robin choose to part with their partner, but Robin breaks off the bargain, returns to Kevin and leaves Barney alone and with a broken heart.

She and Kevin haven't had sex yet and Robin has a fear of being pregnant on Thanksgiving and says to Barney that the baby is his. Kevin, who wants kids, suggests Robin, who chooses that they have to split up. He consoles Robin and shows that he still likes her, but the act is unreturned.

After Lily's fatherly grand-parents offered them their home there, Marshall and Lily decided to move to Long Island. To them Ted gives his flat because he thinks he can't move on while he lives there, while he and Robin have become alienated and won't talk for several sittings.

After all, Robin is hired as a newscaster, and gets credit after she prevented a chopper from down. to the group's original fear. But Barney and Quinn outwit their efforts and gain their will.

with Barney while Ted purchases Quinn's old place. and desperately calling Barney and Marshall who are in a gambling house. Barney Marshall tries to get to Lily's birth in good timing after many escapes and selects the second name for the child, Marvin Waitforit Eriksen.

At the end of the summer period, Marshall and Lily start their new home with their little boy, Barney suggests Quinn, and Ted contacted his old friend Victoria. One last flash-forward comes back to the anniversary of Barney's marriage, when Robin is unveiled as the new bride. At Barney's on the date of her marriage, Ted goes to see Robin, reminding him how he and Victoria ran away from their marriage to be together.

Summers are with Ted, Barney and Robin who enjoy their present relationship, but all part with their associates afterwards. Viktoria separates from Ted because of his friendships with Robin, Barney and Quinn, because they can no longer rely on each other, and Robin separates from Nick, who recognizes his unripe.

She and Barney are kissing, but choose not to meet, despite Barney's desires. Then Barney begins with Robin's hateful associate Patrice (Ellen D. Williams), a relation that is later revealed as cunning to let Robin know her real emotions for him. To culminate in a sequence, Barney suggests Robin, who says yes.

She and Lily try to get used to being a parent, which leads to a brief alienation from the band, as baby Marvin consumes most of the while. Captain, ex-husband of Ted's old friend Frankie, bids Lily a career as an arts advisor after identifying a picture that was a big asset to him.

Marshall is glad to realize her dreams of a career in the arts business, while Marshall chooses to stand as a magistrate. Captain is offering Lily a year's work in Rome, which she takes on with Marshall's blessings. But just before Barney and Robin's marriage, Marshall is told that his request to become a magistrate has been approved, a move that would force them to remain in the US.

He' s arguing with Lily about employing a DJ or group for Barney and Robin's marriage, but is compelled to put a group on the spot if Lily admits the point. Robin has second thoughts about getting Barney married and sharing an emotive instant with Ted as the upcoming weeks of the marriage approach.

Culpable, Ted realises that he can't be near Barney and Robin after they're remarried and chooses to move to Chicago the next morning after the marriage. She ends the campaign with a trip to Barney and Robin's marriage, which includes the mothers of Ted's kids (shown on TV for the first case and depicted by Cristin Milioti), who is seen purchasing a rail pass to the location and keeping her blue parasol.

Except for the very last one, the entire ninth series will take place in the 56 hour period before the Barney and Robin marriage. Marshall, stranded in Minnesota, is desperate to find a way to the marriage. It' unveiled that Lily is with child and that she and Marshall will have a daught.

It also describes the eight years before Ted's encounter, while the later installments allow the audience to look at Ted and his mother together in flash-forward szenes. Marshall also uses his last two claps from the slave bet: the first is used as an excuse for not eating the test meal, and the second when Barney panics just before the start of the marriage service.

The final of the show announced that Barney and Robin are getting a divorce after three years of matrimony. And Barney ends up as the father of a kid on a one-nighter. After all, Marshall becomes a magistrate, and he and Lily have three offspring. At the end of the tale, Ted chooses, at the insistence of his own infants, to ask Robin out.

In allusion to the first installment (Pilot), the final (and the series) ends with Robin looking out the windows of her flat and Ted seeing Ted on the road with the blued bugle. Bro Code, which Barney quoted several time in the show, is a collection of writing guidelines for browsers and was released as a book, audio book,[67] an iPhone application and an Android application.

It is claimed to have been by Barnabus Stinson, a fellow of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. It was announced on December 14, 2016 that Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger were to create a new release of the former spin-off project entitled "How I Me Your Father", with Bays and Thomas acting as executing directors.

On March 6, 2017 it was released that after a new contract was signed with 20 Century Fox Television to promote Aptaker and Berger to the position of this is us executives producer and co-show runner together with Dan Fogelman, their finished How I Mt. Father screenplay would be put on hold in view of their new responsibilities.

One of the most popular episodes of the show was the serial final "Last Forever", which took place from 13. 89 ] Previously, the most frequently seen happening was the 1st installment of "The Pineapple Incident", seen from 12. Of the episodes least seen, the 6 seasons 6 was " landmark ", observed by 6. 4 million spectators, about 52% of the show high.

It has been shortlisted for 28 Emmy Awards, one of which was an Outstanding Comedy Award nominee. Seven years after its debut, the show won the People's Choice for Favorite Network TV Comedy in 2012. It is also available on Blu-Ray, and is the only Blu-Ray version to have a later one.

Contains: Super Date", "Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit" and "Best Ever " soundtrack. The Rehearsal Dinner" Audio commentary on "How Your Mutter Me" Behind the Scenes of "Gary Blauman":

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