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New Park Shopping Centre

Shop for make-up and beauty products at Macy's Newpark Mall in Newark, CA! mall NewPark - 272 pictures & 362 reviews - malls - 2086 NewPark Mall, Newark, CA - Telephone number Let's face it, the era of megamalls is over. There are anchors like Sears and Macys fighting and other merchants like Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart have kicked in to meet our purchasing needs. There' are few things to wish for about this mall: - So many empty shops.

  • It is not easy to get there from 880 (turn lefthand at Mowry into the mall). So, before you go to this mall (or any mall, really), ask yourself: "Can I really not buy this at Amazon? "The NewPark Mall has long been a run-down mall. Apart from an unglamorous grocery store, the other renters were not places to come when the farmer's and off the grid were on.

The New Park Mall has evolved. After the order has been placed, it will take 40 min to get it! Staff in the bath complain about working time and the meal is NOT there. Don't come if you have to make a film! The worst mall I've ever been to! The mall is shabby and needs a serious update.

The only thing that saves mercy is that there is an exquisite mixture of restaurants in the meal courtyard. When it comes to the retail environment, the new facility is not a very good choice. The MaLL has definitely seen better times. Renovation seems to take a lifetime, but it must accelerate the pace to bring this MaLL back to life.

Requisites to Newpark for all the renovation and upgrades that make them slow, and try to get more and better business. They' added a few new places to dine and dine, and a cinema. So I like the choice of businesses they have. You also have a variety of meal stalls to chose from.

So I was there today and found a safety officer for the first case in the doorways in a long case (cause they're usually not available inside the mall) and told him of something I watched in the multi-storey car park and he blow it off pretty much like it was no biggie.

Born in Eastridge in East Side San Jose, the NewPark Mall is very reminiscent of my early years. There' are a few shops I liked, Box Lunch, Forever 21, JC Penny, Express. I was picking up a Boca from the crêpe store at the grocery store. This was a while ago before the mall went into a phase of demise (R.I.P. Red Robin) and Target relocated to Pacific Commons.

Two years ago a photograph of a redesigned Newpark Mall with high glazed window and metal girder constructions began to be shot on my high scholastic Crown on publicity.... and today this design has become real. They started to make the mall a higher quality place like Valley Fair or Southland by including shops like H&M, Peterology and Aniki's Sushi, which offer more high-end seats and landscape design, but it still has a Franconian feel, if you will, with older 80s shopping malls built next to contemporary, high ceiling in the new AMC theatre where Target used to be.

Having said that, it is still not a point you would categorise as a mall with many memories that you want to go. A bizarre complement of motorised pets for kids (and some adults!) to zooming through the shopping centre. Cross thumbs for a return at Newpark Mall!

But it' not sure why this mall isn't as bustling as other places, but it' a lovely one. It' got all the big businesses like Macy's, Sears, jc pens, Burlington, huh? Beautiful Foodcourt with many possibilities. And not to forget the cinemas and the playground for children. Beautiful shopping mall!!!!!

It' been a while since I went to that mall. The more new shops and the new cinema they have is BIG. I' d go back one day and see the theatre. The Newpark Mall has intensified its play with all these recent refurbishments. The shopping center was allegedly purchased by a person who imagines a "Westfield Mall" picture.

The mall has the most important shops like Macy's, Bath & Body Works, Disney Store, Foot Locker, Forever 21, H&M, JCPenney and Victoria's Secret/Pink. You also have many "no name" shops that occasionally have a few gemstones, but here too it is very hard to find something worth buying. It is a little unhappy.....

Overall, this is not my favourite department store, but the situation is good and whenever I am in the spirit to run around and buy windows, I will come here. When you have been to Storestown Gallery or Unionsquares Shopping Districts in San Francisco..... It' s just a reflection of theanforan mall, but moved to the east bay, but with even less activities around.....

Eh..... nothing much... there's no liveliness or living in this shop unless you are counting high scholastic children queuing up at the grocery courts..... When you are in the mood for nutrition or really want to see businesses that you are not going to find elsewhere..... Grand Century has mainly Viet in the area, but at least it is not the same oil same oil you would find in about any shopping center in North California..... (Not to speak if your restaurants eat good eating habits.....

It can be costly, but at least with Dow buying it's definitely something to go for..... A stroll through the Newark mall can be quite a drag........ The mall has definitely gone through its ups and downs, but with this new refurbishment I hope it will just go up from here!

It' now has a H&M, the best cinema in the area (I won't go to another cinema) and it looks like it will open a 24-hour gym, pizza place, Jack's place and many more! It' just a good mall. There are the default grocery shops and a grocery store, your signature shopping mall.

It' been here for a long time, and now there's a film. Plenty of car park for the mall.

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