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Nouveau Manor Walk " New shop - your clothes

Yours Apparel Retail has seven workplaces for the Cramlington community and is still hiring a consultant who can be requested through Yours Apparel on line. York's clothes is a major label known for its broad selection of women's fashions in the 16-36 scale, which includes apparel, underwear, shoes and ancillaries.

The new branch will be one of 138 in the UK and Ireland, and the label plans to open over 35 branches this year, which will include new overseas outlets. We' re very excited about the rapid growth of our UK branches and an overseas orientation this year and wish our new Cramlington staff all the best for a great business opening and a good trading session.

Her clothing will be expanding to the European continent after her Ireland d├ębut.

Only a few inches after opening its first overseas business in Ireland, Yours Clothing is now ready to enter the European continent as part of its growth story. Yours Clothing made its first appearance internationally by opening a 4700mq. m. boutique in The Square mall in Tallaght, Dublin this weekend.

Yours Clothing, however, has declared that it is "actively looking for more shops throughout the whole of South Ireland " and is planning to open two more this year. This move is part of the retailer's overall strategy to open more than 35 new branches in 2018.

Advertiser Swindon

An oversized new fashions house is to open its gates to the general public in the morning. Years Clothing opens its 113th shop in the UK, which will be located in the Brunel Shopping Centre. Since its launch at a stand in 1992, Yours Clothing has been an internationally renowned women's clothing label for over 20 years.

Today Yours Clothing has more than 112 shops in the UK and 12 in the Middle East that offer fashions on-line and in 16-36 size. Swindon Shop has generated seven new workplaces for the city. "We are very pleased to expand our branch network by adding another Yours Clothing Shop in the South West of England after having received such a high level of interest in a new one.

From 10 a.m. customers can get an idea of the range.

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